In 2015, ABC released the Emmy-award winning TV drama American Crime. We teamed up with Entertainment Weekly to build buzz and ignite conversation on around the premiere of the new series.


We hand-selected a group of 8 male and female influencers within the 25- 45 age demographic located in New York City. The group contained a mixture of two high-impact bloggers and six mid-tier Twitter stars. In 2015, Twitter dominated the scene for movies, live TV reactions and reviews, thus we placed heavy focus on a dominating presence in that channel as a requirement for the campaign. We targeted influencers with a history of engaging their audience on the topics of entertainment and media.


The on-site event included a special invite-only viewing, in addition to cast meet-and-greet with celebrities such as Timothy Hu on and Regina King.

To kick-start buzz, selected influencers posted details about their involvement 1 day prior to the screening event. On the day of attendance, each actively provided updates that highlighted their experience, tweeting a minimum of 3 times about the premiere, while enjoying the opportunity to be one of the first to view an American Crime episode.

All pre-event and on-site content was syndicated across Twitter and Facebook channels. Within 48 hours of their attendance, bloggers created posts coupling content from ABC and Entertainment Weekly along with their own photos, opinions and thoughts on the American Crime sneak peek. These blogs encouraged audiences to tune into the show and continue the discussion through social media throughout the remainder of the season.

Over the course of the 3-day campaign, the influencers generated a wealth of excitement and buzz for the upcoming show and reached an audience of over 6.8 million. Their shares exceeded all other coverage of that event, as well as similar events in the following weeks, including page 1 exposure on Google.

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