Whether you are an influencer marketing agency blogger like me who is always keen to discover new influencers, a brand keen to partner with an influencer for a campaign, or a wanna-be influencer seeking inspiration, it is sometimes a mystery how any of these “top influencers” come across our desk.  Occasionally articles review the top rated influencers, like this one about top YouTube influencers, but for the most part it is like searching for a diamond in thick mud – possible but a never-ending dig.

Why is so very challenging to simply hop on Instagram, for example, and uncover the users with top audience count?  For one, Instagram simply isn’t organized that way, nor are any of the other social media platforms.  If you are lucky enough to read about a popular blogger or influencer and follow them on Instagram, IG prompts you to then follow similar users whom often have a substantial following as well.  This is not what you want to spend your day doing.

As the influencer marketing becomes more and more popular, tools dedicated to the art of social analytics, content creation, and influencer marketing stats become available.  Each tool offers its own unique spin, and can get you started learning more about the influencer marketing landscape at a minimum.

Below is a list of tools and platforms where you can learn about influencer stats, find top influencers, and collaborate with influencers in your vertical.  By no means is this list comprehensive but it will get you started on your influencer marketing journey.

Influencer Marketing Tips from Top Influencers

Places to Find Top Influencers – Influencer Identification Tools

1. Klout

Amongst its other uses, Klout suggests “top experts to follow”, practically guiding you to top influencers.  It is also a well-known tool to determine a person’s influence score and understand just where they fall in the line of influencer hierarchy.

2.  Followerwonk

This Moz app allows users to explore and grow social networks.  It focuses on Twitter, allowing you to find and follow influencers in your niche by searching and comparing bios and stats in social graphs.  Ideal for the visually inclined.

3. Peer Index/ Brandwatch

This tool at its most basic helps find people to drive your audience to act, using social media analytic tools and data visualization.  They move beyond follower counts and take a more person-centric approach.

4. Kred

This tool is pretty cool.  Not only does Kred provide you with a score so you can learn how influential a person is, you will get information on a person’s likelihood to share others’ content.

5. Advowire

Our very own influencer platform, Advowire is an excellent resource to uncover and collaborate with influencers.  As an influencer, you can gauge your reach compared to other influencers in your space.  Brands have the opportunity to discover some of the top influencers across all verticals.  Other features now also available including a market for influencers and brands to buy and sell content.

6. Appinions

Primarily a data-driven content marketing platform, well-known Appinions focuses on science of driving conversions.

7. Cision 

Cision is blog-focused.  It’s a great social analytics tool that allows you to search influential bloggers and popular posts.

8. Klear

Previously Twtrland, this tool allows influencers and brands to find influencers based on topic and keywords.  It’s a useful tool for those who use Twitter a lot and are looking for top Twitter influencers.

A Final Note
Keep in mind that these tools are merely that, they are tools.  While useful to run data analytics and uncover top influencers based on numbers, this information only gets you so far as a brand or another influencer.  Most influencers who create sponsored posts for a living (part or full-time) are represented by agencies or only work through influencer marketing agencies.  The top influencers are bombarded daily with millions of comments, messages and emails.

Resources: Soldsie

If you are hoping to reach them and build a relationship in hopes of working on an influencer campaign, it’s not impossible but extraordinarily difficult depending on the influencer.  Consider working with an influencer marketing agency like ours.  Visit our homepage today to learn more about how we can help your brand reach the masses.