“Running that influencer marketing campaign was a really bad idea….” said no one ever.  Each day the influencer marketing industry grows exponentially as influencers, brands, and consumers find value in the Word-of-Mouth Revolution. Influencer marketing is nothing new, it is simply a shift in perspective and a digital take on the power of word of mouth.

It used to be that we’d get together with our girlfriends for lunch and discuss our latest favorite purchases and gym memberships; now we get together via Twitter Chats with women from around the world to hear about the latest and greatest.  Input about consumer goods and services during a Twitter chat or in a Facebook Group from a respected, admired, empowered female can have a lot of suggestive power over us.  Sometimes that person promotes brands because they just love the product.  Other times, they’ve been paid for sponsored content, in which case it would be influencer marketing.

Brands took notice, and 84% were expected to launch at least one influencer marketing campaign in 2015.  It’s a no-brainer for brands, with an average ROI of $6.50.

Deciding to run an influencer campaign may be the smartest decision your brand makes this year, but how you go about running that campaign will make or break the success of the outcome.  I have put together a list of social media influencer tools to help you create an effective influencer strategy to support a well-rounded and successful influencer campaign.

Social Influencer Tools

Top 7 General Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer tools are splattered across the internet, available for different price schedules.  Some of my new favorites are Hootsuite plugins, which integrate with the Hootsuite platform, my favorite social scheduling tool. These tools provide means for identification, connection, engagement with influencers, as well as organizational tools. Check out these sleek Hootsuite influencer interfaces, along with a few other neat tools.

Top Brand Tools

 1. Demographies

Hootsuite plugin that provides useful Instagram demographic info on followers and users in general.  Use this tool to discover new influencers in your niche.

2. Right Relevance Pro

This app helps you measure and engage with your social media audience.  The app does this by assisting you search and share relevant, trending content currently on the internet, via top ranking influencer communities.

3. Geopiq

An Instagram-centric app integrated through Hootsuite, Geopiq monitors posts by location, hashtag, or username.  This tool will help you uncover Instagram influencers.

4. Hootsuite Streams

Influencer organizing tool, the Hootsuite Stream allows you to organize influencers into lists, track what influencers are sharing, and discover those who would be great collaborators.

5. All My Tweets

Trying to track down influencers directly via email?  Try All My Tweets, a tool that will help you find emails utilizing Twitter.

6. Notey Worldwide

A collection of top independent publishers and bloggers. Searching articles by topic can help you uncover blogging influencers in particular niches.

7. Onalytica

This tool will help you link your content with influencers.  It uses an algorithm to identify a group of influencers who are likely to have an interest in your content, based on their Twitter profile.

Brands bold enough to run their own influencer marketing campaigns are smart enough to utilize the best tools available to the industry.  The tools mentioned above are basic influencer strategy and management tools, but this list is not a comprehensive one by any means.  Please refer to the following articles for additional influencer marketing guidance.


Remember that you do not have to run your influencer campaign alone.  If you are a company, brand, or person thinking that influencers could benefit your marketing strategy and you are ready to set up a campaign, we can support you in your efforts.  Influencer marketing’s strong ROI proves that it is worth your time to continue focusing on your expertise and hire us to be your influencer marketing campaign experts.

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