At this point, brands understand that influencer marketing can be leveraged in several different ways and has proven to be effective over and over again. From creative, authentic content to UGC that can be leveraged among different social channels: the many ways an influencer partnership benefits brands are proven, effective, and beneficial.

This brings us to the changing times and how influencers and brands are adapting by partnering up during Covid19 to bring a message of inspiration, hope, and positivity while also staying top of mind when it is needed most. Continue reading as we take a deeper look at these top brands plus the influencers behind them.



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I just posted a guided meditation on the @lululemon ig live. I hope it serves you.

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1. Lululemon

Up first, Luluemon, an athletic apparel retailer and a great example of a brand that is using influencer marketing as a means to build community and create inspiration during Covid19 in an effort to stay top of mind.

If you’ve been following them, you will see they’ve partnered with celebrity Gabrielle Bernstein, a world-renowned, #1 best-selling author, to go live on their social channels. The intent? To inspire followers to partake in meditation as a means of coping with stay-at-home measures. On top of that, they’ve also partnered with several top tier yoga instructors to give followers a way to stay in shape while also using the practice to keep them centered and healthy.

Combined with the above, they have also been partaking in live streams that have hosted celebrities and health influencers to give their followers resources, tips, and information on how to stay healthy during these times. They even started a book club with weekly live-stream discussions with the author of the book.

Their focus has been on creating community during these times rather than “making a sale”. They have been sensitive in their messaging and have partnered with influencers who feel passionate about positive vibes.



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2. FabFitFun

Our next top brand is FabFitFun, an e-commerce brand that “delivers happiness and well-being to everyone, everywhere”. During this time they’ve continued to partner with influencers who not only give their support but also share the same values in their messaging.

Above is influencer plus blogger, Christina Patricio (@christina.patrico) who shares her excitement upone receiving her FabFitFun box. Her message is the perfect blend of addressing these crazy times but also keeping it light-hearted and relatable.

FabFitFun has done an excellent job tweaking its messaging to align with today’s narrative. They have partnered with influencers whose posts are authentic and inspiring. These influencers have turned their ‘unboxing’ videos into a fun, stay-at-home activity to partake in and share within their FabFitFun Community.

This brand is yet another great example of a brand that is leveraging influencer marketing to spread inspiration, health, and wellness while also giving back and building community through giveaways, live video chats, and fun virtual event meetups.



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3. Vital Proteins

Another brand we’d like to give a shout out to is, Vital Proteins! They’ve confronted these uncertain times the right way by launching the #WellnessFromHome campaign where they invite their followers to partake in wellness! They partnered with influencers who share their love for Vital Proteins to share workouts, stay-at-home tips, and resources for followers to help bring a sense of community, health, and well-being!

Above is celebrity influencer, Kelly LeVeque (@bewellbykelly) sharing her wisdom on well-being while focusing on one of Vital Protein’s most popular products, the Vitality Immunity Boost powder. You may have noticed this product in several Tik Tok trending “quarantini” videos.

To give back to the community, Vital Proteins has launched a giveaway campaign in which followers tag friends and family members who are frontline workers to be entered to win FREE Vital Protein products! This approach has kept Vital Proteins top of mind. It has also helped them reach a much broader audience who now views Vital Proteins as more than just a supplement company but a brand that supports the whole health of its consumers and meets them where they are at.



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4. Zappos

Zappos, a retail brand, is another great example of a brand using influencer marketing to their audiences during these times. Being primarily an e-commerce brand, they’ve been able to leverage influencers in a way that is sensitive to the times. They’ve partnered with both fashion influencers and bloggers to get their message out in order to build and support the community.

Above is lifestyle blogger, Daniela Ramirez who shares with her audience the comfort that Zappos has brought her during these crazy times. She touches upon lifestyle changes that come with staying at home. Her post is not only inspiring but relatable to her audience. This is a wonderful example of an influencer using her platform to bring followers products that will provide support during covid19.

To give back to the community and support Covid19 efforts, Zappos also partnered with crocs during #nursesweek to provide free crocs for medical front liners. They delivered over half a million free shoes to medical professionals across the country.



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5. Simply Protein

Our last brand, Simply Protein is yet another top brand using influencer marketing to stay top of mind while providing a thoughtful message and a wholesome product. A product that several influencers are currently standing behind and telling their followers about.

The health and comfort their snack products provide is the perfect alternative for consumers looking for healthier options since comfort foods are at an all-time high during the quarantine. This has made a great product for influencers to share with their followers, especially when followers are seeking out the best products that will support their health and current at-home needs.

Above is travel and fashion blogger, Amanda Ouellette (@lovetotravelgirl), showing off her love of simply protein snacks in her home kitchen. She relates to her audience by opening her message with the struggle of snacking too much during the quarantine. She then introduces the Simply Protein product to her followers sharing the health benefits and comfort they can provide in place of the unhealthier options.

Simply Protein has also been very active in supporting the community through the #SimplyDeservingSweeps campaign. Followers of their account tag friends who are front liners to receive a free box of Simply Protein goodies. This has generated UGC that they’ve been able to share on their social outlets to continue nominations for weekly giveaway snack boxes!

Final Thoughts

It is unrealistic for brands to think they will come out the other side of this untainted. All brands have been affected in some way, good or bad. How they respond now will be a huge factor in how they will be looked at on the other side of covid19.

The above brands have met their followers where they are at by showing support and building community when it is needed most. This isn’t the time for a brand to be 100% focused on making a sale but on making a lasting impression. This happens through brands forming stronger bonds with key demographics.

Influencer marketing has been a great tool in helping brands relate to audiences. By bringing people together to provide resources and support, brands are able to stay top of mind. Ultimately, conversion becomes the result of this approach.

How will your brand be remembered after covid19? Invest in the future of your brand by investing in the current needs of your consumer.

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency that puts ideation, innovation, and creativity at the forefront, contact us today!

Until next time.