Is Amazon Live the Next Wave of Live Shopping?

Amazon Live is a new feature from amazon that can be used to inspire, educate, and entertain customers with real-time brand interactions.[1] Designed to increase customer confidence and purchase decisions, Amazon Live may be the newest retail revolution

How Brands Use Amazon Live

With the intuitive Amazon Live Creator app, brands can produce live streams to leverage video and show Amazon customers what they have to offer. You can post product demos showcasing features and benefits or offer in-stream promotions in exchange for tuning in, which incentivizes watching a video.

Amazon also produces its own livestreams with themes, which are placed in some of the high-traffic areas for maximum exposure. Brands can include products in relevant themed livestreams to get more traction. On shopping days like Black Friday, Prime Day, and Cyber Monday, this extra attention is invaluable.

Creating an Amazon Live account is quick and easy. Brands just download the Amazon Live Creator iOS app and sign in with Seller Central. From there, you can follow the instructions to select products and choose a title and start time. Best of all, you can take a live video in the app or use another device to record, edit, and stream it on Amazon Live.

Benefits of Amazon Live for Brands

Amazon Live is essentially the marketplace’s own social media platform. Using live videos, which are incredibly popular, brands can get in front of the right audiences and maximize conversions.

Here are some benefits of Amazon Live for brands:

  • Educate customers: With Amazon Live, brands can educate customers about product features and how they connect to real-world benefits. The platform offers special discounts and promotions that take place in an interactive space with live product demonstrations for meaningful virtual experiences.
  • Real-time connections: Video streams on Amazon Live aren’t one-way. Customers can engage with brands using a live chat feature to ask questions, provide feedback, and learn more about the product specifics. Consider this feature like commenting on a post on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Drive awareness: One of the best aspects of Amazon Live is its ability to get your brand and products out in front of the right customers. You can post all the information they need to learn about your brand and products, so they can make confident, well-informed purchase decisions.

Amazon Live Influencers

The Amazon influencers are nothing new, but now the Amazon Live platform allows established influencers to become more effective sellers and brand advocates for their partners. Like social media, Amazon Live influencers leverage their already engaged audiences from social media platforms and bring them to Amazon Live to promote products and brands.

The idea is simple – customers hear about live streams from their favorite social media influencers. This may happen from a Tweet, Instagram post, or YouTube announcement. The customer can go to Amazon Live to see the stream.

The platform also makes it simple for customers to discover live streams from new influencers by selecting a category of interest and getting a list of influencers.

Best of all, unlike social media, Amazon Live users are on the platform to shop – they’re like the people tuning into the Home Shopping Network. They’re not just wasting time scrolling their feed, so the product message resonates with them more.

If they see something they like, they simply purchase it by clicking the link to the product beneath the stream. Customers can also ask questions in the chat room next to the live stream if they want more information to make a purchase.

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon influencers are part of the Amazon Influencer Program. Each influencer has an Amazon Influencer Shop that contains their profile, influencer storefront, and recommended products, as well as links to their latest live streams.

Much like affiliate marketing, Amazon Live Influencers host live streams and earn a commission on any products sold as a result of their recommendation. These influencers have dedicated audiences that typically come from other platforms, so they have a lot of persuasion among their followers and know what they like.

Here are some other benefits of Amazon Live brand and influencer partnerships:

  • Product recommendations via live streaming is a massive industry.
  • Amazon Live influencers have dedicated audiences that trust them like a friend.
  • Amazon Live influencer audiences are on the shopping app to shop for products, so they have intent to buy.
  • Your brand can be exposed to highly engaged audiences that are active on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • The commission is paid by Amazon, not by the brand.

You will likely have to pay influencers, however. Content creators charge a range of rates for product promotions, brand mentions, and other content for their following on Amazon. Keep in mind that nano-influencers and micro-influencers may work in exchange for free products or early access, however.

Work with Amazon Live Influencers

Ecommerce live streaming is a $61 billion industry, and Amazon Live is the new streaming platform that elevates brands’ presence on the popular marketplace.[2] Influencers are already gaining a lot of benefits from Amazon Live, and brands can leverage their popularity to sell products to customers primed to shop.