Gen Z Influencers

Going into 2021, Gen Z will represent the biggest generation of consumers yet, making up $29 billion in direct spending in the market already.

Not only are they the biggest generation of consumers yet, but they are also the biggest cohort of beauty spenders, spending $368 annually, up 18% year on year.

This makes them the most pivotal generation yet for beauty retail. This is why beauty brands seek to understand Gen Z trends to ensure they launch influencer campaigns that will not only stick but relate to Gen Z.



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YouTube Is Becoming The New TV For Gen Z

With TV moving its way over to YouTube and videos becoming more easily accessible, several Gen Z influencers use this channel to connect authentically with their fans. According to recent data, 25% of Gen Zers say YouTube is vital in finding beauty products they like and ultimately purchase. This makes YouTube a trending way for beauty brands to reach Gen Z.

With YouTube becoming the new TV, Gen Z influencers are finding creative ways to entertain their audience through this trending channel. One way Gen Z Influencers are connecting with their fans is through Reality-TV series. A great example of this angle of connection is Gen Z Mega-Influencer, James Charles, who has a YouTube following of over 24 million subscribers.

Having a defined niche and following in the beauty sector, Charles recently launched his new reality series, Instant Influencer, a series that puts make-up artists in competition with each other, the winner receiving $50,000 and the Instant Influencer Title.

Top beauty brands have not only caught on to the new series, and it’s trending popularity amongst Gen Zers but have begun to partner with and sponsoring the series. Through these partnerships, brands have their products gifted and used amongst the competitors.

There isn’t a better way for beauty brands to gain awareness than through a top trending, Gen Z YouTube channel. This partnership is typically fail-proof amongst Gen Zers and is an excellent way for beauty brands to stay trending!



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Twitch + Beauty Is Now Trending Amongst Gen Z

It is well known that Twitch is the pinnacle social channel amongst gamers and, recently, is now a rising channel for beauty brands executing influencer campaigns! With Gen Z making up 43% of Twitch’s viewership base, beauty brands seeking to reach Gen Z are now using this channel in strategic ways to create brand awareness and meet conversion goals.

Who started this trend? Avid Twitch viewer and gamer + beauty influencer: Em Cosmetics founder Michelle Phan. Being first a beauty influencer with nearly 9 million followers on YouTube, she recently decided to merge the worlds of beauty + gaming by hosting a live stream on her Twitch channel to play “League of Legends” with her fans. To bring light to her recent foundation launch, she strategically programmed a bot that added links-to-purchase in the chat and played commercials for the foundation during breaks in the game.

This newly emerging trend is now becoming a strategic way for beauty brands to reach Gen Z to create awareness for beauty product launches and, of course, to stay trending!


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Beauty Brands Are Now Launching Their Own Platforms

Influencer marketing is taking on new looks outside of the traditional campaigns! Beauty brands are thinking outside the box and finding creative + trending ways to reach Gen Z through the use of influencers.

Let’s look at the brand Boots; they noticed their beauty products lagged amongst generation z and naturally wanted to find a new and innovative way to engage them. Intending to be viewed as more than a retailer amongst young shoppers, they decided to launch their latest and now trending platform, BootX. Geared towards the Gen Z crowd, the new platform put Top Influencers at the focal point to engage young shoppers and increase sales!

It is innovative and trendsetting approaches such as these that keep Gen Zers engaged and beauty brands trending!

Final Thoughts

Defined by their individuality and voice, Gen Z is a generation that fights for a better world. They advocate for causes that bring about those changes and support brands on board for a brighter future in social rights and our environment.

With this in mind, reaching Gen Zers through influencer marketing comes with innovative and authentic approaches, such as the ones above, to create impact and stay current with the trends!

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency that puts ideation, innovation, and creativity at the forefront, contact us today!