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Nov 16
It Is Marketing

Top Article Marketing Strategies: How to Market Your Content Like a Pro

While many approaches exist to influence the effect of article marketing, perhaps none are more effective than placing the most emphasis on four vital ingredients. The top four are following SEO standards, consistently creating original, fresh, and quality content that is also search-friendly, and introducing content to as many interested parties as possible. This article

Nov 15
Blog Influence

Top Reasons to Work With a Blog Influencer (Over Other Influencers)

Not all social media influencers are created alike.  Not by any stretch.  Naturally, some influencers rise to the top, some make a decent but modest living making a splash in the center of the pack, and still many flail around at the bottom of the pack.  If running an influencer marketing campaign is your number

Nov 14
Influencer Group

How to Use an Influencer Group Post As a Surefire Way to Gain Massive Exposure

Brands have been attempting every marketing strategy short of scaling walls to reach customers, and falling short.  That is, until influencer marketing hit the scene.  Influencer Marketing has been coined the “golden egg” of marketing, because it does seem to be the magic fix to marketers’ woes. When all else fails, brands can turn to influencers to

Nov 10
hire bloggers

How to Find Bloggers for Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

If you are a brand humming along the usual marketing path, chances are you are lost in a world of pay-per-click ads, SEO optimization speak, and paid social media marketing.  These are not poor marketing strategies; however, they are no longer a complete picture in today’s consumer marketplace, where a vast majority of people trust brand recommendations

Nov 1
Brand Advocacy Campaign

Ideas for Advocate Engagement

So, you’ve found some awesome brand advocates and recruited them over to your team. That’s fantastic, unless you’re still scratching your head about what next to do with them . Well never fear, HireInfluence is here to put an end to that head scratching faster than a bottle of lice killer! Use the below tips as

Oct 28

Influencer Brand Management

Influencers have a large appetite for helping brands they care about, but they also realize the brands that typically reach out to them are for-profit. Bloggers/vloggers recognize how their contributions can facilitate substantial increases in sales for these companies and look beyond the cash for successful relationships. Companies reaching out to influencers, looking to build

Oct 18
Blog Influencer

How Blog Influencers Do Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we adorn trees with lights, snow begins to fall, family and friends gather, and holiday cheer is in the air.  Naturally it is a time for giving thanks for the people in our lives, the abundance we have been gifted and have worked for, and the opportunities