How Blogging Influencers Can Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

Originally coined “weblog,” blogging has been around since the 90s. While it started out as online diaries and photojournalism, today, it refers to content production and marketing that’s usually self-published. It’s home to millions of writers, photographers, and influencers from every topical niche you could imagine. 

Content marketing via blogging is how many influencers gain traction. According to Fundera, 55% of marketers report that blogging is their top inbound marketing priority and that blogging efforts are 13x more likely to generate positive ROI.[1]  

If you plan to run blogging in-house, you’re playing the long game. You can speed it up a bit with paid ads, or you can blow through the finish line with an established blogging influencer. 

Amplify Reach With Target Audience And Beyond

Any blogger with a laptop and a decent following can’t always deliver the same ROI. You don’t want to waste your time producing the wrong content for the wrong people. Only an active and engaged audience is the type that will share, comment, and buy consistently. 

Choosing a blogging influencer who is already talking to and trusted by your target audience can be a goldmine. You want to work with an influencer who is passionate about the same topics that your brand represents and who is at least familiar with your work. 

Amplifying blogging influencer content can also help you reach new audiences that you may not have segmented in your target demographic. Through their authentically-generated content and brand partnership, you can increase overall brand awareness and website traffic.

Blogging Builds Brand Credibility

Nothing beats a golden reputation, and blogging is a crucial investment in this development. 

This development is what professional bloggers do. They’ve done it for themselves by building their subscriber list, and they do it for brands and industry partners too. 

Blogging is the perfect avenue for you to show off your expertise, provide valuable tips, and educate your target market on practical solutions your product provides. Prove you can talk about your brand-relevant topic ad nauseam and further position your brand as the expert. This credibility is why consumers will feel more comfortable spending their money on what you have to offer.

Blogging influencer marketing becomes a collaborative effort across multiple platforms.  The influencer will post engaging and shareable content about your brand and your products on their platform; this could be a detailed review or tutorial or journalistic storytelling where the promotion is more subtle. 

Not only does this content go out to all of their subscribers, but they can also share links for their long-form blog content across all social platforms, reaching even more people. Your brand can easily share and engage with the content on all of your available platforms. 

And not only are you talking about your expertise, but now the blogging influencer is also raving about your brand. Search engines love all of this collaboration and link sharing!

Strategic Blogging Influencer Marketing

Organic search engines propel content amplification. The average effective blog article is 800-1,500 words in length and strategically developed with focus keyword phrases for search engine optimization or SEO. 

Strategic blogging produces content that connects a searcher with solutions, answers, and practical information. Intention-based search is what blogging influencer marketing must answer and what search engines are crawling to find.

Blogging is a specific ranking strategy that amplifies content and increases brand awareness. It promotes detailed, sensory-driven storytelling that deeply connects with the audience. A lot of companies will go to Twitter or Instagram for content release, but those are relegated to short snippets of content and can have less impact long term. 

Relationship Building With Blogging

With influencer marketing, you’re not just selling. You’re building relationships. Relationships with consumers, influencers, and industry partners.  

Taking the time to establish a solid creative relationship with your blogging influencer virtually guarantees they’re going to be excited and invested in the quality of your content. If they’re excited and invested, their readers can feel that! In turn, they’ll get excited to buy and try your products for themselves.

Blog content also allows you to facilitate a genuine conversation with your ideal customer on your own or the influencer’s platform. Blogging influencer marketing is a great way to continue building trust and rapport or get direct feedback from the end user. 

You can also leverage the blog traction as a new avenue to provide real-time customer service and grow a community around your brand. 

Blogging influencer marketing can amplify your marketing strategy and build lasting brand credibility. Start connecting with influencers in your niche today!