Optimizing Your Instagram for Conversions

Did you know that 90% of users on Instagram follow a business?[1] That could be you! But then what? 

Are they clicking your links?

Are you making sales from your bio?

If not, you need to optimize! Optimizing for conversions on Instagram all starts with your profile. This is your first impression of a new follower, an influencer marketing agency, and industry partners. 

Let’s dive into optimizing your profile for conversions!

Use A Business Profile

Whether you need to change your influencer, brand, or service provider, you need a business profile. You should be able to make the change from your existing profile in the settings.  

A business profile reveals more data about performance and engagement metrics crucial to the sustainability of your growth. The data provided is broken down into categories so you can see what elements are performing and where your traffic is coming from. The categories are:

  • Follows
  • Reach
  • Impressions
    • From Hashtags
    • From Home
    • From Explore
    • From Other

After you make the switch, connect with your corresponding Facebook account and you’re ready to move on. 

Optimize Your Bio

Your bio includes everything at the top of your Instagram profile:

  • Profile Picture
  • Account Name
  • Bio/Description
  • Link in bio

Profile Picture

While it would be tempting to just stick your logo in your profile picture, think outside the box! Use this real estate to showcase you and what your brand presents, and further advance the idea of what a follower can expect. 

Account Name

Different from the username, the @ name, is the account name. This is the bold text that appears at the top of your bio. For consistency, unless you’re a celebrity with a well-known nickname (ala Drake’s @ChampagnePapi), it’s best to stick with the company name as the account name. 

This will increase your chance of being found through an intentional search and with brand recognition. For a growing brand, it’s recommended to add relevant keywords to your account name and or username to highlight your offering even more. 


  • Name | Graphic Designer
  • Name | Wellness Coach
  • Name | Parenting + Pilates


Here, you have 150 characters to be super intentional about what your potential followers and buyers need to know. Describe the services you offer and the benefits your clients are seeing. Use relevant keywords and custom hashtags to enhance this space and make your profile more findable in a search. 

If there’s enough space, include a brief call to action encouraging viewers to take the next step.

Optimize “Link In Bio”

You only get one link to drive traffic away from Instagram. The most straightforward approach is to just drop in your website, but this leads to only one single action they can take. 

You’re much better off with a page that’s optimized for Instagram giving them multiple choices. There are multiple tools available, such as Linktree, LinkInBio, Sked Link, and Shorby, that are easy to set up and let followers choose how they want to continue. 

Sending them to additional content on your website, YouTube or TikTok videos, a landing page where they can download a digital deliverable, shopping your affiliate links, and booking a call with your team are all possible destinations for traffic from your Instagram bio link. Using a link tool will allow you to use all of them at once. 

Your link is not set in stone. If you’re running a targeted marketing campaign, you can change that link at any time and remove decision fatigue from the equation. Drive traffic to wherever you need in order to achieve campaign goals.

Optimize Grid + Content

It’s a delicate balance to pull off a curated Instagram feed that appears both aesthetically pleasing and authentic, but the people generally like a little bit of both. 

This takes content planning, organization, and a bit of an eye for design. Spend some extra time to create Reel and video cover images and use consistent brand colors. Keep your content relevant to the image it’s posted with and engaging to readers. 

Stick to your topic strengths. Keep track of posts that get better reach. What were they about? Try to recreate this with another post on the same or similar topic. Creating relevant, engaging content is how you build a loyal following and an active community.

Leverage Story Highlights

Story highlights are a great way to direct new followers straight to the best and most relevant content you offer. Now with story links being available to everyone, you can shorten the customer sales or lead generation funnel by including links that can always live here. 

Now go optimize and convert!