As defined by The Journal of Consumer Psychology, Brand Authenticity is the extent to which consumers perceive a brand to be faithful toward itself, true to its consumers, motivated by care and responsibility, and able to support consumers in being true to themselves.

With authenticity being one of the main key trends for influencer marketing in 2021 – it is more imperative than ever for brands to make this a top priority so they can relate to and build consumer loyalty going forward!

How can brands make this happen? Simple, influencer marketing! Influencers, if chosen correctly with the right strategy in place, can bring value to brands in building more authenticity.

So, it seems any brand can achieve the authenticity they are seeking, it just takes a well-thought-out influencer marketing strategy to get the wheels moving in the right direction. 


Influencers Know Their Audience and Their Audience Trusts Them: 

Credible Influencers, meaning those that truly have a passion for their niche and audience, really, deep down, know their followers and their followers trust them. Therefore, when an influencer of this status endorses a product on their page, you can be sure followers will listen!

Let’s take our recent campaign with Blues Clues and You! – Most of us have nostalgic flashbacks of the show but with recent events centering around diversity and inclusion, they decided to revamp the show and bring on a host that fit a diverse profile to better relate to a more diverse audience.

With the correct alignment of influencers that met a diverse target plus a solid strategy in place that engaged the influencer’s audiences, results more than exceeded campaign goals. We saw a 50% engagement rate plus an overall increase in brand sentiment.

Needless to say, with the use of influencers, Blues Clues and You! not only broadened their audience base but gained the trust of a more diverse audience and built brand authenticity in the process!


Influencers Provide Brands With Value-Driven Content: 

As 75% of Brands are choosing to move their marketing budget to influencer marketing — influencers are becoming a one-stop-shop through their ability to provide brands with value-driven, high-quality content and engaged audiences. 

If leveraged in the right way, an influencer can have a huge, positive impact on how consumers perceive a brand’s product or service. Through the alignment of efforts, creative freedom, and a strong influencer marketing strategy – an influencer campaign can provide brands with the perfect segway to truly relate to and build brand authenticity within target demographics. 

Influencers who line up with a brand and its mission are able to endorse said brand in a manner that provides value-driven content. In response, the influencer’s audience will not only pick up on the authenticity of an endorsement but be able to relate to and engage with the brand.

Overall, influencer marketing helps in building brand authenticity and loyalty based on a few credible influencer endorsements and value-driven content! 


Influencers Help Brands Create Community:

Brands who invest in their communities through influencers nurture retention while driving sustainable, long-term, organic growth. Through the use of influencers, brands can bring together and build true, authentic communities.

Let’s take the quarantine, for instance, influencers came together in partnership with various brands to bring comfort, resources, and a feeling of togetherness. This not only kept the brands top of mind but also built a community under the umbrella of said brands.

 In 2021, one of the main marketing focuses will be creating brand communities. Brands are more than just a product or service, they are now a part of an entire culture that cares more about authenticity than being advertised to. 

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, brands authentically relating to consumers through the use of influencers will help brands achieve the brand authenticity they seek. This is one of the best ways to create credibility when it comes to establishing or even overhauling one’s brand! 

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Until next time.