To last a legacy and not just a lifetime your brand must have built-in industry advantages and infinite scalability.

When you’re building a legacy brand with influencer marketing, your content should appeal to a wide generational bracket or offer a diversity of content that resonates on multiple levels. This is a key challenge every brand will face over time and requires fluidity in their marketing campaigns. 

Gen Z users (approximately ages 18 to 24) and millennials (approximately ages 25 to 40) are the two fastest generations to buy into social commerce.[1] But even just this dual-generational range represents a vast difference in stage of life and interests — and that’s before you include any other markets. 

There’s no age limit on influence but there might be an age limit on your brand if you don’t embrace a greater online market. The generational opportunities and marketing variety that online influencers offer would allow your brand to thrive across generations both now and in the future. 

Here are a few marketing insights to guide your company as you build your legacy brand. 

Embrace Marketing Across Multiple Channels

If you’re seeking to grow your brand, you’ll need to embrace new strategies and leave behind the crutch of marketing dependencies. You must know by now that presence alone doesn’t translate into sales. 

Content can be recycled and repackaged for multi-channel deployment. Long-form videos are best for YouTube, while shorter, edited versions can be spread out across other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Photographic tutorials or step-by-step progressions work well on Pinterest and Instagram Stories. 

Diversifying your platforms give you access to audiences that engage differently. YouTube and Pinterest are intent-driven search engines where people go with a specific intent to find answers and solutions. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are more consumption or entertainment-driven platforms. 

A solid influencer marketing strategy to build your legacy brand will leverage all types of content across multiple platforms. 

Embrace Your Influencer’s Innovative Creativity

Influencers are mold-breakers. Let them work their magic on your brand. Creative and innovative content is what gets shared across channels and across generations.

Genuine and energetic messaging is what captivates audiences. An influencer’s unique perspective can breathe new life into your growing legacy brand, and increase your online reputation or earned media. An influencer already has these engaged audiences at their fingertips.  

You don’t want a copycat campaign that looks and feels like every other highly filtered and fake branded post out there. The impact of individuality is what a true influencer really brings to the table. You’re paying to borrow their influence — let their skills get results for you.

Embrace Value-Based Content 

It’s not about you. The sooner you accept this perspective, the more successful your campaigns will be. The problem your products solve are not respecters of generational differences or platform preferences. 

Each member of your target audience has the same problem and wants to make their lives better, but they often need to discover a problem they didn’t know they had or discover a solution to a problem they’ve simply accepted. 

Educating your audience and providing them with content that helps them, but does not explicitly sell, is how you show your value as a legacy brand. 

Embrace The Personality Of Your Brand

To establish the “like, know, trust” trifecta, you need to give your brand a personality and allow it to flourish. People like to buy from other people they’ve come to trust. Relationships are formed on the basis of likeability, bonding, and credibility. 

That is a key metric of a successful campaign — the perception and acceptance of your brand’s personality. The value of your product, the core values of your brand, and the outcome your customer achieves all contribute towards a harmonious, long-term relationship and repeat customers. 

True online influencers have already established the “like, know, trust” trifecta and have their own personality that they leverage for success. When you work with a full-stack influencer marketing agency, they’ll match you directly with talent that is aligned with your brand’s personality. Combine this with a shared target audience and you have an impression-ready campaign. 

Embrace The Possibilities For Your Legacy Brand With Influencer Marketing

If you’re building a legacy brand, the Gen Z users of today are the baby boomer users of tomorrow. Start increasing your earned media and conversions today by launching an effective and innovative influencer marketing campaign. Claim your legacy status today!