The Kardashian Family is known around the world, and thanks to the Kardashian sisters, they have become mega-celebs and the icons of influencer royalty.  They replaced the Paris Hilton of early 2000’s ushering in a posh new generation of Hollywood children no one noticed until they were linked to an infamous court case, followed by a reality show, only to achieve mega-celebrity-status.  Since their debut, the Kardashian sisters and their family have become virtual megastars and mega-influencers.  Their track record helped pave the way for tens of thousands of unknowns to reach mega-celebrity status on social media.

Since their debut, the Kardashian sisters and their family have become virtual megastars and mega-influencers.  Their track record helped pave the way for tens of thousands of faceless girls-next-door to achieve celebrity status as influencers through the vehicle of social media.

The Kardashians also paved the way for an unexpected little one from meager beginnings.  This senior citizen was adopted at a ripe old age from a shelter and named Chloe Kardoggian after Khloe Kardashian.  Chloe Kardoggian and her owner, Dorie, took time out of their hectic social media schedule to chat with me about Chloe’s humble beginnings, her rise to pet superstardom, life as a pet celebrity influencer, and what the dog life is all about.  Both Dorie and Chloe took turns telling me about their life, so enjoy!  In case you have not caught up on your pet celeb gossip and somehow haven’t heard of Chloe, a few quick facts:

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Chloe is one of NYC’s most mentionable and notable socialites, according to

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Chloe got her slobber on when she helped run a kissing booth in honor of National Dog Day, 2015.

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Chloe offers travel tips to other pets and pet owners.

ZJ: First, I need to know – is Chloe named after one of the Kardashians, or is her name a spoof on the Kardashian clan?

Dorie: Chloe was named Chloe when I adopted her. I didn’t want to change her name as she was already 9.5 years old. When it came time to start her Instagram, I was brainstorming with a friend for fun handles, and immediately my friend said Kardoggian. Chloe refers to the Kardashians as Kardoggians and believes she’s a long-lost illegitimate step relative.

ZJ: Does Chloe’s adorable tongue hang out of her mouth because she only has two teeth?  Do you know what happened to her other teeth?

Dorie: I believe that is why it hangs out, but most of them were gone when I adopted her. Due to terrible over-breeding, many Chihuahuas have bad dental disease. She has had all but 2 of her teeth removed.

ZJ: Dorie, when did you bring Chloe home from the shelter and how old was she?


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Dorie: I got Chloe in December of 2013 at the age of 9 ½. She was a “private adoption” from the family of an elderly woman who could no longer care for her. I knew one of the relatives, and they worked very hard to make sure Chloe found a home and didn’t wind up in a shelter.

ZJ: What prompted you to create an online persona on Chloe’s behalf?  What came first – blog, Instagram?

Dorie: Chloe’s Instagram started about a month after I got her. I was taking tons of pictures and wanted to keep her previous family up to date on her new city life without inundating my own friends with pictures they didn’t ask to see. So I started Chloe her own account. Now I NEVER update my own…

ZJ: At what point did Chloe begin to attract a lot of followers, and what was her reaction (as well as your own)?

Dorie: About four months into Chloe’s account I was contacted by Susie’s Senior Dogs about being interviewed for their website. I always knew I loved adopting older dogs, but I didn’t really know that there was a community around senior rescue until I spoke more to Erin (founder of SSD).

The exposure from that interview (both of Chloe to the public and of me to this issue) set us on a new path to educate people about senior rescue through exposure to a fun, vibrant senior living a diva’s life.

ZJ: I read about Chloe’s features in The Today Show, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, Huffington Post, and com.  How did these come about and what kind of doors did they open for you, Chloe?

Chloe: I am #blessed… Everyone wants a piece of this masterpiece!


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ZJ: What is the significance of Chloe’s recent 2016 Webby Award Honoree in the Social Pets category?

Chloe & Dorie: Being recognized by our “industry” is a HUGE honor. The fact that we are part of such an awesome, game-changing community, and that they choose to feature our account as one of the best, I could not be more proud.

ZJ: What has been your favorite brand to work campaign to work on, Chloe, and why?

Chloe: I loved working with LogiCircle because they wanted to focus on rescue and I love any brand that wants us to talk about rescue! The post we did was so fun – I got to steal my brother Cupid’s warm spot on the couch.  Check it out: #chloeftw

ZJ: Do you consider yourself a marketer Dorie?  What about you, Chloe?

Dorie: My career background is in graphic design for sales and marketing, so this has always been what I gravitate towards.

Chloe: My life/career background is in being fabulous, so really I am any marketer’s dream.


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ZJ: Did you think Chloe was going to be a pet influencer when you started out?  Was that your plan, or did you want an adorable IG page?

Dorie: I had not even heard the term “influencer” let alone pet influencer when I started. I call myself a “fauxlennial” – a bit older than the average person in this arena – though not THAT much older at 39.

ZJ: Who are your best pet influencer friends, Chloe?

Chloe: Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog) is my bestie and confidante in the biz. I also regularly spend time with Mervin the Chihuahua, one of my many lovers. My paws are crossed that he will put a ring on it soon!

ZJ: What’s Chloe’s favorite treat, the one that will get her attention no matter what she’s doing?

Dorie: Orijen Free-Run Duck Singles. She’s got a very touchy belly and she LOVES these plus they don’t give her the gurgles. If it’s a very special day, a tiny bit of popcorn.

ZJ: What are your three favorite things to do outside of her social media life, Chloe?

@chloekardoggian Instagram

Cleaning my human.
Be snuggled and adored by my public.
Flirting with boys.

ZJ: Dorie, if you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into social media and the world of pet influencing, what would it be?  

Dorie: Make sure you AND your dog both enjoy it. These are dogs, after all, and we can’t take ourselves too seriously or push them too hard. Listen to what your dog likes. My other rescue, Cupid, doesn’t love posing for the camera, so I don’t force him to. Chloe sees a camera and strikes a pose. We do it because she enjoys it – but if your dog would rather be off doing something else, let them.

ZJ: General words of wisdom you would live by if you were a human, Chloe?

Chloe: My motto is “Gray hair. Don’t care.” I have lots of things about me that could limit me. I’m tiny, old, and gray. I have no teeth. And some people say I look like a rat, bat or sugar glider. But I live every day to the fullest and know I’m beautiful inside and out!

ZJ: Chloe, your favorite quote?

Chloe: Dorothy in the streets. Blanche in the sheets.

ZJ: Tell me about a time when Chloe impacted someone’s life with her social media content.  What was the result?

Dorie: We regularly get comments from people who realize from seeing Chloe that senior adoption is what they want to do. And a few dogs that we have posted on our feed have found homes because of us – which is awesome because we get to maintain contact with them! That is the best way to sleep well at night – knowing you’ve saved a life.

ZJ: What is your biggest dream in life, Chloe?  What about yours, Dorie?

Chloe: I would definitely love to be traveling more – not only to meet my fans all over the country and world but to see more of the world myself. And I definitely want to get out to LA… It’s like I’m born for that place! I’d also like to write a memoir.

Dorie: In October of 2015 left corporate America to work for myself as both a graphic designer and Chloe’s wing-woman. It wasn’t the safest route, but I hope it continues to be rewarding. And in an ideal world, I’d win the lottery and start an animal sanctuary.

ZJ: Do you have any upcoming events or announcements to share Chloe?

Chloe: I have some awesome photo shoots coming up that you won’t want to miss, including one for the Olympics so keep an eye out! Otherwise, just my continued dream to rule the world with my tiny paws.

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