If you glance at his social media profiles, you could easily dismiss Daniel Betancourt for one of the many thousands of male fashion and lifestyle bloggers traipsing around the globe to land high-profile brand sponsorships.  In fact, I had those very thoughts when I first encountered Daniel.  When he took ages to return my call for an interview, my intuition told me to hold out.

Turns out I was onto something because Daniel is as real as the come.

Sure, he travels the globe and creates content for the likes of GQ, Vanity Fair, but his website’s slogan, “Stay true to who you are,” is Daniel’s truth.

Daniel continued to drop dope insights throughout our interview, so you won’t want to miss what he has to say.

ZJ: Have you ever helped someone through your blogging and social media efforts?  If so, what happened and what was the outcome?

DB:  It’s so rewarding to have people come up to me from time to time and share with me how far they have come in the blogging world, and all took was that just one small piece of advice over a drink or meeting in the past.

ZJ: Do you have a daily mantra or practice that helps keep you focused or grounded?

DB: Be the most authentic person you can be.

ZJ: What is your biggest dream in life?

DB: Dreams change every day, so I will say for now, “Keep inspiring people, stay present always for those who I love, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.”

ZJ: For anyone wanting to break into the influencer marketing industry – as a model, blogger, or otherwise – what three pieces of advice would you offer them?

DB: Be Unique, Stay true to who you’re always and enjoy the little things.

ZJ: Favorite quote?

 DB: Don’t start the day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a brand new start.

ZJ: Final shares?

DB: I will be attending as Ambassador for charity for Aids in Vienna June 10th “Life Ball” I love supporting charities and causes trying to making my goal this year to utilize my platform to give back to all the communities. After that, you can catch me in Milan & Paris Men’s Week xoxo

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