The Best Instagram Reels Trends in Q1 2022

Instagram Reels are a trending feature on Instagram that drives high traffic and new followers to a brand’s business page. The organic reach is free, and brands have numerous opportunities to be featured and boost visibility to their audiences.

Take a look at the top Instagram Reels trends for Q1 in 2022, what they are, and how you can use them to inspire your own strategy.

Trends for January

The “Amour Plastique” montage was a big trend at the end of January, due in part to the second season of Emily in Paris. The high-energy French song was popular as background for videos, even if the content itself was unrelated.

The “Show Something You Love” trend also came at the end of January and prompted users to show off something they love, set to the song “Fall in Love with You” by Montell Fish.

Another big trend for January was the “Take It Slow” trend, which was all about showing off something special, such as pets, a recipe, a gift, or a daily routine, to a favorite musical track. This is a good opportunity for brands to showcase “behind-the-scenes” footage of employees for a peek behind the curtain.

Trends for February

The “Younger Me” trend was set to Phoebe Bridgers “Motion Sickness” track and was all about self-reflection. Influencers and users chose any age and used text overlay to write what they were proud of at different stages of life. Brands can use this as an opportunity to show their growth or major milestones.

The “Core Memory” trend is direct and focuses on a core memory with an audio track in the background. These are largely sentimental and often used for animal accounts, such as “Core Memory: Meeting My Best Friend for the First Time” for a rescue pet’s “gotcha day.”

The “Little Things” trend is lighthearted and upbeat. Often set to instrumental music, this trend focuses on the little things in life. For brands, this is a good time to spotlight products or employees.

Finally, the “Two Weeks” trend focuses on a collection of clips from recent shoots set to catchy audio. Brands can use this to show off products or sneak peeks.

Trends for March

Set to “Hard Times” by Paramore, the “Hard Times” Trend is upbeat, despite the rather somber tone of the song. It’s typically tongue-in-cheek, like content creators and influencers showing off the less glamorous aspects of the creator life. Brands can use similar trends to spotlight products or show off behind-the-scenes workplace scenarios.

The “Moody Background Track” trend uses an atmospheric background track with photo or video montages. Users and influencers leveraged this trend with throwbacks, recipes, or short clips, but brands can use it to highlight products or offer ideas for how to get more value out of services.

The “I Do Not Have Time for This” trend features a clip from Netflix’s Inventing Anna, a story about a legendary heiress who scammed NYC elites. This trend is also ironic and is used to make a joke, use self-deprecating humor, or share something funny that people can relate to.

Looking to Next Quarter

Those were the biggest trends of Instagram Reels in Q1, many of which were inspired by what’s happening in pop culture, popular music tracks, or seasonal shifts. Let the trends inspire you to come up with unique and on-trend content for your brand or influencer campaign as we head into summer.