5 Influencer Couples You Need to Know

Influencer marketing isn’t for solo stars any longer. Over the years, more and more couples influencers have popped up, showing off their creativity and compatibility in a way that speaks to both brands and consumers.

Take a look at the top 5 couples influencers you need to know.

1. Olivia and Alex Bowen (@oliviadbowen, @ab_bowen)

Gaining fame from reality TV and the hit show Love Island, Olivia and Alex Bowen are top couples influencers.[1][2] After their whirlwind romance, the Bowens bought a dream home, got engaged, and got married with a fairytale-style wedding.

As influencers, they’re showing off their “happily ever after” and major milestones as a couple, including a home renovation, a second home purchase, and a fashion brand. They also have two documentaries about their love: Olivia & Alex: Happily Ever After and Olivia and Alex Said Yes.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Hinch (@mrshinchhome)

Though new to the influencer world, Mr. and Mrs. Hinch, Jamie and Sophie, have gained a lot of attention on Instagram.[3] Mrs. Hinch is a well-known cleanfluencer who shares videos for cleaning techniques and hacks, as well as married life.

When they had their first child in 2018, the couple began to share more of their lives as first-time parents, sharing special moments with their followers like holidays and birthdays.

3. Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams (@rylandadams)

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are among the world’s most popular YouTubers.[4] Beginning with their romance in 2016, the couple gained a huge following on social media. They now boast over 27 million subscribers between them, and announced their engagement in 2019.

The focus of Shane and Ryland’s content is their daily lives and relationship. As one of the cutest couples online, followers eagerly follow them to see what’s going to develop.

4. Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon (@staceysolomon, @realjoeswashy)

Both Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon were well-known TV personalities before getting together.[5][6] Now, they’re among the top couples influencers. They share four sons between them, enjoying their “beautifully blended” family.

After three years of dating, Stacey and Joe moved in together and welcomed their baby boy, Rex, in 2019. Some of their popularity is due to their “normal” daily life, rather than the glitz and glamor of typical celebrity couples.

5. Selena and Jacob (@finduslost)

Selena and Jacob of Find Us Lost are travel influencers who create travel guides and content for once-in-a-lifetime destinations and experiences.[7] They got started with a three-month-long road trip, but that quickly grew into full-blown travel influencer content.

Now, the pair create content together and work with brands like the Hard Rock Hotel and Shangri-La Resorts, as well as tourism companies. Unlike others on this list, Selena and Jacob didn’t get their start with reality TV.

Catch Up with the Biggest Couples Influencers

Couples influencers are popular for their unified personal brand and down-to-earth approach to content. Couples are creating content in virtually every industry, not just relationships or family, and gaining the attention of brands everywhere.


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