The World’s Biggest Influencers: How Do They Stack Up?

Gaining followers and notoriety online can be a catch-22 for some influencers and their influencer marketing agency. Fame comes in many shapes and sizes and for some, being disliked can gain followership as much as loyal fandom. Engagement metrics are where the money is.

Celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo (THE top Instagrammer in the world with 411,000,000 followers), The Rock, and any of the Kardashian clan aren’t true influencers. They would have followers regardless simply due to notoriety.

Here, we’re going to talk about actual professional content creators and how they stack up. 

Addison Rae AKA @addisonraee

Addison Rae is the “it” girl on social media, featuring modeling, fashion, beauty, travel, and a luxurious Insta-celebrity lifestyle. She’s launched her own fragrance line @addisonraefragrance, and her own line of beauty products with @itembeauty, both of which are featured with Sephora.

With over 40 million Instagram followers, a scroll through her feed shows an average like count of 500,000 to 1 million per post with comments in the low single-digit thousands. This brings her engagement rate to approximately 3%.

Bella Poarch AKA @bellapoarch

Bella’s edgy content heavily features iconic style and fashion, high-end shopping, and her blossoming music career. YouTube subscriptions are her smallest following with over 5 million subscribers for her two uploaded videos. Yes, only two videos. 

She shines on Instagram with over 14 million followers and an average like count of over 1 million. Comments average in the mid-single-digit thousands giving her an incredible engagement rate in the neighborhood of 9%. 

But TikTok is another story entirely. On the short video giant’s platform, Bella has over 88 million followers and video views averaging in the double-digit millions and a total like count of over 2 billion. 

Jojo Siwa AKA @itsjojosiwa

Originally a pint-sized performer on the controversial series, Dance Moms, Jojo has since gone on to create her own empire — literally. She drives a Tesla wrapped in her face. The dancer, singer, and actor is Gen Z’s very own triple threat. 

Her content is happy, bright, and full of energetic dancing and high-octane shenanigans. Identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community, Jojo also advances a message of inclusion and normalcy for her generation. 

The superstar had a recent appearance on Dancing With The Stars where she landed 2nd place. Jojo is also currently in the midst of her DREAM tour which is a music and dance collaboration with Nickelodeon. 

Jojo has amassed over 12 million subscribers on YouTube and 11.5 on Instagram with an engagement rate in the neighborhood of only 1%. But TikTok is where she has run a full takeover with over 40 million followers and over 1.5 billion likes. 

Manny Manuel Gutierrez Jr. AKA @mannymua733

Manny Gutierrez, more commonly known as Manny MUA, was the first male brand ambassador for the cosmetic giant, Maybelline. He is a prolific YouTuber and beauty blogger who has pivoted into a full-blown entrepreneur.

Manny MUA launched his own beauty brand, @lunarbeauty with a respectable following of its own at just under half a million followers. On YouTube, he’s amassed almost 5 million subscribers for his makeup and pop culture content. 

His personal Instagram boasts 4 million followers with an average like count in the high double-digit thousands averaging mid- to high hundreds for an engagement rate of less than 2%. 

Khaby Lame AKA @khaby00

Internet sensation Khaby Lame is famous for his sarcastic reaction videos and his “this is so obvious, what are you doing” face. The Italy-based content creator features a myriad of funny, engaging videos with friends, fans, and celebrities like Ed Sheeran and tennis pro Alexander Zverev for his 72 million Instagram followers. 

His posts appear to get likes in the mid-single-digit to double-digit millions, reels reach tens and even hundreds of millions of views, and comments average over 60 thousand. Some quick math brings his engagement rate over 9%. 

On TikTok, Khaby is currently sitting in the number two spot for follower count, just ahead of Bella Poarch, mentioned earlier. He has over 134 million followers and over 2 billion likes. 

How Do They Stack Up?

In a previous article, we covered micro-influencers. These content creators are often very niche and their engagement will be more targeted. Here’s how a few of those micro-influencers rate:

  • Chelsea Martin @passporttofriday = just over 1%
  • Mary Sargent @themarysarge = over 2%
  • Jomar Alexis @jomaralexis = nearly 6%
  • The Smith Brothers @smithbroshawaii = nearly 6%

The Right Influencer Makes a Difference

The high follower counts of mega influencers are appealing, but any influencer marketing agency will tell you that it doesn’t always translate into targeted engagement. It’s important to find an influencer with the right audience and right engagement, rather than the highest stats.