When it comes to finding ways to reach out to your target audience, you have to learn what they want and where they go the most, especially when on the Internet. Many of the top brands are now looking into eSports, which offers a wide variety of engagement and helps brands reach markets!

However, getting into the eSports influencing isn’t only about investing and hoping for the best. Yes, it’s very influential and reaches millions of people, but you have to understand who the audience is and how to engage with them based on what they like to see.

With that being said, if you’re interested in going into eSports, then read on! I’ll show you an intensive eSports marketing guide to help you out.


Why Is eSports Marketing Becoming Popular?


So, what makes eSports marketing a popular way to get your brand and products or services out there? It has a ton of benefits and can bring on the big bucks, thanks to the following advantages:

  1. Millions of People Take Part Of It

    There are millions of eSports enthusiasts worldwide, with it becoming the second largest sport after soccer! Almost 58 million people watched the League of Legends World Championship, and those numbers are expected to grow for all types of eSports games, events, and the like! You have the wider and better reach.

  2. You Reach a Target Group For More Possibilities

    Those interested in eSports and gaming are less likely to be reached via traditional marketing strategies. You’ll be able to each out to the younger generation and attract the young people with what you have to offer, especially when you create a marketing campaign which caters to their language and interests!

  3. The Engagements Continue to Grow

    Many companies are already recognizing the wonders of eSports and how it can increase their engagement. Many big companies have continued to partner with eSports and that number continues to grow the more engagements and reach they receive from it! And yes, even businesses like yours can collaborate with eSports!

  4. Low Costs In Sponsoring… For Now

    Not many businesses and companies are familiar with eSports. With that being said, this means that the costs of advertising on eSports events and with influencers are still not as high compared to other niches. That’s why it’s time to start investing in these marketing campaigns now before costs skyrocket!


Some of the Challenges


However, just like many marketing strategies, using eSports as a new platform may have its issues as well. Consider some of these before getting into eSports marketing:

  1. There Are Fluctuations

    The eSports scene is still a bit volatile and unstructured for sponsors based on teams. If investing in a team, then it’s still a gamble as there are fluctuations on their side and you’ll never know which one would win. This means little security for their sponsors and investors.

  2. Advertising Requires More Thought

    Companies will require better advertising campaigns which cater to the audience language and interests. This means marketing has to be place well and though of carefully to provide the positive reactions and engagement you expect. It will take time, but it saves more costs and embarrassment in the long run. (https://www.ispo.com/en/markets/esports-why-market-interesting-sponsors)


How-To eSports Marketing Guide


When getting your brand involved in eSports (and making it a hit) can be quite difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with where to start! This is why I made parts of this guide to help make it easier to understand and for you to know where to begin as a company. Here are the ways you can get into eSports marketing and gain success from it:

What to Know About eSports

Before anything else, let’s first understand what exactly eSports is and why the benefits of it are vast!
eSports is actually similar to the beauty vlogs or cooking competition shows we see today. It’s a platform, may it be online or in huge outdoor events, where fellow gamers unite and watch competitive gamers play to win video games. eSports can also mean anything related to gaming, from influencer reviews, online streaming and walkthroughs, or even competitions and conventions!

Sure, to the outsider it might not seem like a hobby or lifestyle to participate in. But today, millions look into events and videos related to the tech and gaming industry! This is the reason why huge brands are now spending big to get into advertising or sponsoring for such events and videos. By reaching a good demographic who don’t usually get reached through traditional advertising, businesses can reap the benefits and pique interests from the audiences, which help in increasing sales and engagement.

Not only is it a way for companies to be known, but for celebrities and institutions to be heard as well. From movies about eSports dow to scholarships related to it, you can see why eSports is now becoming very popular to the businesses and new gamers alike. And no, it isn’t like the old perception of gamers in their mothers’ basements. There are teams, stars, championships with big money, and millions of passionate fans and communities to engage with in the same platform.

Ways On How to Reach Out

eSports marketing isn’t just about commercials during breaks and the like. There are actually a lot of ways you can put your brand out there without it feeling too pushy towards the audience! Here are the common initiatives you can take when communicating to your target audience and advertising what you have to offer:

  1. Influencer Reviews

    One of the most common ways businesses can get advertised are through influencer interviews. However, not many eSports or gaming influencers would cater to just any business. It has to relate to their niche. So if you’re into the tech and gaming industry, then this is a great way to promote products, services, and brand awareness.Influencer marketing is an effective way to reach out to target audiences and with the genuine, authentic content that drives engagements. There’s also no set time or event to collaborate with such influencers!

  2. Sponsoring a Team

    There are actually two types of eSports teams, either the “eSports Works Teams,” known as “eSports Agency Teams,” or “Agency Teams.”eSports Works Teams are financed and run by product companies. It’s similar to physical sports, where big companies have their own Works Teams (like Samsung or Toyota!). It can be challenging to look for a team to sponsor with this type of team.The Agency Teams, however, are the most common models and are better for companies to build awareness with. Those who sponsor Agency Teams get a lot of presence, from the team jersey, their website, social media, s well as on various publications if the team does well.

  3. Sponsoring the Events

    This is probably one of the most effective ways to become visible and be known by many of the viewers of eSports. Brands are the main income and revenue of eSports events, with top companies bringing some of the major events to all fans. As a result, these companies are thanked with a LOT of engagement and potential customers.eSports sponsorships are actually the less expensive alternatives to transitional sports events! Sure, eSports events still cost a lot, but if you compare it to the traditional sports, you’ll want to consider moving your campaign to something different and more interesting.

  4. Looking Into White Label Events

    White label events are actually the smaller tournaments that only those who were invited can attend. These are created by agencies with an established structure and format. However, this isn’t the best idea for sponsors and brands to gain exposure and build brand awareness.BUT, there is still success for brands, as long as the agency creates the initiative in tailoring your brand’s message to consumers. Some of the great white label events come from big brands like Red Bill, St. Jude, or North American iBuyPower.

  5. Installations

    Think of marketing installations similar to conference, which cater to interests of eSports enthusiasts and experts. It’s pretty successful when marketing your products or brands in the eSports world, with companies like MadCatx and Xtension Arcade Cabinet doing it. Coca-Cola has even done this, which has helped increase the interest and emotion of many eSports enthusiasts alike.It will require much thinking when creating marketing installations, but the benefits are many and is a great way to introduce your brand at the start of eSports events.

  6. Landing Pages With Immersive Experiences

    Landing pages are actually not as well-known in eSports campaigns, though they can actually be one of the most valuable aspects for digital campaigns (and not just in eSports). So if you plan on getting into eSports for brand marketing, then it’s best to build a landing page for that campaign.Landing pages that are well thought of can drive a lot of conversions, especially when there are enticing offers at the end of it! After all, no one can’t resist a good prize or discount.

  7. Thinking Outside the Box

    The strategies to get into eSports events and the like are very effective, though there are also other ways beyond these usual sponsorships and strategies. To think outside the box and create something new requires time, but it has your brand stand out and become the talk of the town (besides the eSports event itself).For example, a brand took over Twitch, a large live streaming platform. They created an interactive video game that piqued interest and engagement with players, a creative campaign which provide to be successful! (https://www.digitalsurgeons.com/thoughts/strategy/8-ways-to-reach-the-e-sports-consumer-today/)

  8. Creating Commercials For The Audience

    Another way to advertise during events is to create funny and enticing commercials which strike emotion and call-to-action for your audience. Ads like comedic ones from the Superbowl or those that make a statement like Axe are great examples of advertising campaigns, which hit the entire world rather than just one particular niche. But of course, I still highly recommend that when creating commercials for eSports, it targets both language and interests of enthusiasts to get their attention. Furthermore, avoid too much controversy, unless that’s what your brand awareness is all about.

  9. Social Media and Blog Content

    Using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter advertising is a great way to spread news about eSports events AND your brand! Social media acts quickly and can reach thousands, if not millions, of people at a time, catering to your niche and target audience! With the advanced options when targeting audience, you’ll be able to save money and time knowing who views your ads and engages with them.I highly recommend that you add media to advertising campaigns like these, which help raise the bar and engagement. Sponsored blog posts from big gaming publications help your brand as well, which widens your reach from all over the world.

  10. Twitch Ads

    If you don’t already know, Twitch is the largest online gaming platform known today. It’s a great choice when going into eSports marketing strategies, as you’re able to create ads, targeting these ads to specific parts of Twitch and a chosen audience. With millions of people every day checking Twitch, you’ll be able to have the wide reach and gain the opportunity to raise awareness of your brand and what you have to offer. Think of it as social media for gamers and eSports enthusiasts!

  11. YouTube Ads

    Another excellent platform many gamers, tech influencers, and eSports enthusiast follow is YouTube. It’s one of the top ways to market an eSports event, which advertises your brand as well. Or, you can also tap in fellow eSports YouTubers who are able to put word in about your brand, may it be through a shout out or product/service reviews. Furthermore, you can advertise before, during, and after YouTube videos with the website’s advertising feature, which has you reach millions of gamers worldwide, depending on what type of audience you choose! (http://pmharrison.com/guide-to-markting-esports-gaming-tournaments-and-conventions/)

eSports Marketing Strategies to Follow


Once you’re already familiar with what eSports is and the ways you’re able to get your brand out there, the question is: HOW? What are the advertising tips to follow when reaching out to a particular niche or target audience? Here are the seven marketing strategies to help simplify things:

  1. Keep It Simple and Treat It Like The Usual Marketing Channel

    Many companies are a bit hesitant to go into eSports, as it looks like it’s a foreign platform or realm to them. However, that’s one big mistake to make, treating it as if it’s way different from the strategies you’re used to doing!Yes, you should keep your thinking boxes open for new ideas, but treat it like another marketing channel like social media websites and the like. But, it’s much better to have at least one person in the team who has experience with the eSports audience.

  2. Work With Micro-Influencers

    Working with micro-influencer, regardless of the niche, helps a lot in gaining exposure for your brand and company. You have to make sure that your brand and products or services sell and are reached to your target audience. The solution? Working with influencers who can share their honest and expert reviews on what you have to offer.You’re able to spread your advertisements through video games, leagues, players, and teams. Because of that, many will know your brand and engagements will rise!

  3. Create Your Own Team For eSports

    If you have the budget and the skilled employees, consider forming a marketing eSports team. They should have the great knowledge and equipment, as well as the connection to the gaming public. Instead of paying for advertisements with other teams, immersing your company to the gaming world culture helps you find out more on what to improve in with your campaign.Form a team, create your Twitch channel, have your audience grow to influence them about your brand. It might just be even better than sponsoring a team, especially if you have the skilled set of people.

  4. Offer Creative Content Focusing on eSports

    Instead of the usual same advertising campaigns rolled out for anyone to see, offer the creativity that reaches out to eSports enthusiasts and the like. Remember, while eSports should be treated like any marketing channel, it’s a new arena and each channel has its own way of strategizing amazing advertising campaigns.Being unique and creative can turn heads, which in turn drive conversions. So if you’re unable to fund a team yet, start creating related and enticing content, which has your brand ride in this community and provide the value which leaves the audience engaged.

  5. Understand Your Target Audience

    What’s great about eSports is that it’s easier to reach into their crowd and community. This is because there is never a shortage of users and viewers on the eSports communities, may it be public outdoor events or online from Twitch or YouTube. However, the difficult part is connecting with them, especially the young audience!That’s why you have to cater to a specific audience, which is the young to millennial age. Avoid faking their language or trying to look well-knowledgeable when you aren’t. This is where research is VITAL before beginning your campaign.

  6. Always Look For Opportunities

    The best way to put your brand into the eSports audience without it looking too out of place is through organically integrating it any chance you get. Like mentioned, sponsoring gaming tournaments as a food and beverage brand can help. Or, you can find other opportunities which have you partner with teams and fellow sponsors, which help your brand grow and become known. Better yet, have your company get involved with top gamers, who can market your brand, whatever it can be (even other than gaming). (https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2018/08/15/get-in-the-game-seven-smart-strategies-for-esports-marketing/#2289ee4d3521)

  7. Look At The Tech Side Of Industries

    eSports isn’t that well-known to all brands and companies yet, but there is still fierce competition, so you need to always pay attention to all the competitors AND stay updated with the tech side of the industry, which helps you know the new inventions, companies, and brands to collaborate with to grow in the future. They may be new now, but they can also become the next big thing, and you should be a part of it.

  8. Use SEO and Social Media Advertising

    Like mentioned, tapping in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook are great ideas to get your brand out there to eSports enthusiasts. Another way to do so is to utilize SEO on your website, creating content which caters to the eSports audience and gaining better rankings on search engines because of it!

  9. Expect to Take Some Hits

    Just like any type of advertising campaign, there will be its downfalls. Some of the biggest ones can range from the competition down to small mistakes from sponsored teams which lead to losses. When advertising in eSports, especially when it comes to sponsoring teams, it’s a gamble and you should take account any losses which may be made in the future.

  10. Feed Passion and Speak the Language

    Those who are into eSports are exceptionally passionate with their interests, from the technology brought out to the games played. Because of this, it’s time to focus more on feeding their love and passion for teams and playtime, as well as speaking their language. (https://adage.com/article/news/guide-esports-branding/308502/)

Make sure that when doing so, you’ve made research as to what’s in and what just sounds hilarious (and not engaging). Know the teams playing, their lingo, the new games coming in, and more to engage with them properly.


Wrapping It Up

eSports marketing is now getting more popular and for a reason! With its many benefits to offer, it’s become a great way to market your bushes and its products or services. As long as you’re familiar with how to market your business properly in eSports platforms, you can take advantage of the successful results!

Hopefully, this eSports marketing guide helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and contact HI influencer marketing agency today.

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