FOM: Modular Furniture For a Modular Generation

If you haven’t heard of FOM (Freedom Of Motion): Modular Furniture, then you might be missing out! This brand is notable for its high-quality furniture that is modular and customizable to all spaces, providing consumers with furniture to fit their growing needs and tastes. Not only that, but it is also ecosystem-friendly and made strong to last using recycled plastics and natural wood components. An all-in-one furniture brand!

Since they are newer to the market, FOM decided they needed to implement influencer marketing to drive brand awareness, website visits, engagement, and ultimately sales of FOM products in key markets. With the primary driving intent to INNOVATE, INSPIRE, and GROW through the use of Instagram influencers who also had excellent followings in key demographics.

We went to work behind the scenes to come up with the creative concept behind the #MyFOM campaign. It outlines THREE core consumers of the FOM brand – the “Innovator” who is visual and likes to create new things, the “Inspirer” who has a knack for aesthetics and the “Grower” who makes investments into products they can grow into.

Influencers were sought out who fit into each of the above three categories and tasked to produce content around each of them, to show off a wide variety of capabilities of the furniture, while succinctly showing off what FOM furniture is all about. Each category was positioned as a challenge, and the influencers were tasked with using a piece from the FOM: Modular Furniture collection and innovatively fitting it into their space to inspire followers with design ideas to GROW FOM Modular Furniture brand awareness.

In alignment with the above categories, we also sought out influencers who liked a modern look and would value the interchangeability of the product. As well as, designers, lifestylists with design interest, minimalists, organizers, all with “aesthetic” focused audiences.

The content spanned both Instagram (40%) and YouTube (60%) to increase overall impressions and variety for the brand to re-leverage. The campaign used an overall hashtag such as #FOMVirtualShowroom consistently across campaigns that drove audiences to view additional design ideas by following or viewing the hashtag.

Continue reading as we give an inside look at both Instagram + Youtube videos shared by influencers on this campaign:


Instagram Influencer Alivia Fields (@aliviafields)

Alivia Fields (@Aliviafields) was one of 8 influencers who fit into ‘inspire’ & ‘innovator’ category. She used her space to not only create inspiration but also showed innovation in how she strategically added the furniture to her space. Her approach overall translated authentically to her audience, as we saw an excellent engagement rate and brand sentiment from her followers!

She also made her followers aware that she created a #FOMVirtualShowroom at the end of her post – this approach was an excellent way to not only inspire followers but guide them to even more inspiration + innovation. This then linked them directly to the FOM website where the follower could view and start creating the space they desired.

Overall, by inspiring the audience and showing innovative ways to use FOM, she gave her audience ideation which then turned into curiosity, which translated into an increased brand conversion rate.


Youtube Influencer Jair Woo

Influencers were also tasked to create a virtual room that was posted to their youtube channel along with a link to the FOM: Modular Furniture website. The idea behind the virtual room was to give the follower an ‘inside look’ and really heighten their senses of the product to form ideation, brand sentiment and increase brand conversion.

As you can see above, influencer Jair Woo shows a virtual tour of his apartment + decor tips all in sponsorship with FOM. Jair Woo fit into the ‘inspire’ + ‘grow’ categories. He guided his followers through a tour of his apartment and showed how he used FOM furniture to create inspiration. He also showed ways to grow into the furniture through various design tips.

His Youtube video had over 10,000 views and an excellent engagement rate! The website link also showed increased traffic that was measurable through This approach was an excellent way for the audience to get an ‘inside’ look into the influencer’s space and spark inspiration + innovation + growth.



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As I approach the beginning of my second year in LA, I’ve become more and more inspired by the design styles of the west coast: lots of neutrals, with touches of warm earth tones. 🌼 Living in an apartment, I definitely have to be intentional with the pieces I choose for my space. 🌿 I just got a new shelf from @my.fom, and finally have so much space to be filled to the brim with all my favorite design books, candles, postcard collection, blankets, and plants. 🌾🕯🌻📻🧺 I feel so good having a new piece in my apartment that is also good for the planet! 🌎 My new environmentally-friendly shelf from @my.fom is made of recycled plastic & real wood fibers. I always love being inspired by other interiors & spaces as well, and have loved finding inspiration through the #FOMVirtualShowroom. #myfom #homesweetfom #sponsored

A post shared by Allegra Rose B. (@allegraroseb) on

Instagram Influencer Allegra Rose (allegraroseb)

Influencer Allegra Rose (@allegraroseb), shares some inspiration + ideas from her FOM furniture challenge. She was placed in the ‘inspire’ and ‘innovative’ categories.

In her post, she shares with her followers how her space is limited since she lives in an apartment. This was the perfect segway into letting her audience know how to use the FOM products to create even more storage space so they can add some favorite items to their space. This was also a great way that she was able to connect with followers who shared similar small spaces as her own and overall, giving them ideas of how to add to it.

She goes in-depth by explaining the color tones and overall feel and look of FOM furniture which added more visual for her followers. This along with added visuals gives her audience a feel like they are right there with her in the space. This technique helps to form ideation among her followers.

At the end of her post, she adds a link to the FOM website so followers can have a look for themselves as they already have an idea formed in their mind of how FOM would fit into their space.

The overall flow of Allegra’s post helps guide her audience into a possible conversion for FOM furniture. We saw an excellent engagement on her post as well as, brand sentiment!


Youtube Influencer Mary Elizabeth

Here is influencer Mary Elizabeth, showing us how she uses FOM in her space. Her video was well thought out and had a strong innovative, FUN message. As you can tell, she fit into the ‘innovative’ + ‘inspire’ categories. Through this video, viewers were able to be inspired and gain tips on how to add shelves to their space – even if they needed to grow into them.

She starts off her video by explaining who and what the brand FOM is and the reason why she decided to partner with them. Since she is very into any that is eco-friendly, it was a no-brainer for her to partner with FOM since their furniture is all eco-friendly. We loved how in-depth she went explaining how FOM is eco-friendly so her audience could have more an idea why she uses their products. This type of loyalty that Mary shows FOM was well translated to her audience, so they too could share in the same brand loyalty as her.

She then moves into how her space is limited and how FOM modular furniture adhered to the limited space since it is very customizable. AND she goes into how easy it was to build & customize along the way. Once the shelf is built, she goes into tips + tricks + design ideas of how to style the shelf and surrounding areas.

This video showed FOM in a great light! It translated in an authentic way since the influencer was able to stay true to herself and show how the product made her feel.

Overall, the video had over 18k views and an excellent engagement rate and brand sentiment!


Final Thoughts

Overall, we have enjoyed watching how the audience followed each influencer’s journey throughout the challenge with the use of hashtags and links that went to the virtual room via Youtube or straight to FOM’s website for conversion or more information on the collection. We also enjoyed watching the audience interact with each influencer’s post & videos throughout this journey.

We believe since each influencer was able to express themselves in an authentic way, staying true to their content creative ideas, the overall message of FOM translated more authentically as each influencer showed how they uniquely perceived the FOM collection and used it in their space.

This translation inspired followers to not only engage with influencer’s content but to take action by following the links provided that directed them to the FOM website. FOM saw an increase in overall traffic that correlated in terms of time to the influencer’s posts.

Lastly, we can confidently say that FOM’s influencer marketing campaign has thus far shown success.

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency that puts ideation, innovation, and creativity at the forefront, contact us today!

Until next time.