Influencer Marketing Can Activate Your Outdoor Brand Every Season

In season or out of season, true outdoor adventurers are either out there living their best life, no matter what the weather or they’re counting down the days until they can. What does that mean for an outdoor brand? 

Their product can fly off the shelves at any time of year, with the right marketing. Social media influencers possess the power to affect their audience’s buying decisions, spark desires and inspire action. Their ability to capture a feeling and motivate their target audience to put their phones down and make the same memory for themselves is what makes influence marketers so effective and the brands they work with more profitable. 

In a post-pandemic world, outdoor participation in activities like camping and hiking grew by 28% and more than 16% respectively.[1] That amounts to almost 8 million additional campers and more than 8 million additional hikers that were “adding to cart.”

2022 is the year for influencer marketing to activate your outdoor brand! Here are a few springboards to help you plan your influencer campaign and gain attention for your outdoor brand all year long!

Think Outside the Box for Outdoor Brands

You already have ads and content that feature what your products traditionally do. An influencer can tell a story with your products over time that reveals new and exciting ways to use your seasonal gear. 

If you sell high-quality snow skis, what happens to them when they need to be retired? A maker-influenced marketer can turn the old retired skis into a work of art and then hit the slopes with a new pair that will offer the same longevity. Maker in the summer, skier in the snow. 

A winter coat is only for winter weather but the location changes everything. Create a campaign that highlights places in the world that offer a different climate than a sweltering summer and the absurdity of marketing winter gear to Southwestern May residents is gone. 

Flip the script for spring and summer outdoor gear. In February when half the county is blanketed in snow and scraping ice off their windshield, guess what they’re dreaming of? Warm, and sandy, tropical or desert, all the climates and adventures they’re missing out on. 

Inspire the adventure, not just the product. You can do that all year long. 

Find Your Inspirational Parallels 

In order to successfully market your outdoor brand all year long, you must discover who represents an untapped market for your product. The genius of utilizing influencer marketing to activate your outdoor brand is the access to new industry partnerships you haven’t even thought of yet. 

A sock brand can partner with a yoga influencer to showcase what makes them “more than meets the eye.” Pair an offseason athlete with the gear that lets them unplug from the grind and reconnect with their why. Match a travel trailer or RV remodeling influencer with gear to match their next awesome destination. 

Set up a challenge to show the diversity of your products. Create a drool-worthy prize that has applicants begging to join and spread the impact of your brand on their own. True influencers can grow the footprint of a challenge over and above your own organic methods and reach people who may appreciate your products but don’t follow your brand’s social media. 

Your target audience could be hiding in any one of these inspirational parallels, and you could be the hidden gem thousands are just waiting to find. Influencer marketing lets you show the adventure that’s out there, regardless of season, to a wider and more engaged audience. 

Find An Aligned Cause

Many social media influence marketers use their platforms to do more good in the world. What non-profit can you get behind that aligns with your core values and the ideals of your target market?  

Work with influencers that uphold the same values and mission for whatever your brand stands for. Or let your brand’s organic audience vote on potential causes and create a movement around those ideals. 

Get your buyers bought-in to more than just your products — get their buy-in to your mission. Once that happens, you’ll have loyal brand advocates who are champions for your brand and your cause.

Influencer Marketing to Activate Outdoor Brands

It can be tough to digitally capture the attention of those outdoorsy types who are unplugged and hard to reach. It’s much easier when you work with influencers who already captivate their followers’ interest through innovative marketing strategies.