Influencer Marketing Can Breathe New Life into an “Aging” Company

Aging brands may have worldwide name recognition going for them, but they can get pigeonholed into a category or exclusively defined by successful products, making it difficult to branch out and assert digital influence in the social media marketing world.

If an aging company is trying to revitalize a brand in the age of influence, social media influencer marketing can go a long way in changing perceptions in the eyes of millennials and Gen Z-ers with social media influencer campaigns and branded content.

Trusted influencers have strong personal brands and dedicated followings that rely on their recommendations, which can help to refresh an aging brand.

Many established brands are turning to influencer marketing partnerships and sponsorships to drive more consumer affinity among younger audiences for positive marketing ROI, all while holding onto that hard-earned heritage.

New Product Launch

V8 is a great example of a legacy product that has an older image among young consumers. When most young people think of V8, they picture their grandparents enjoying a glass of tomato juice with breakfast.

This is a big perception problem for a brand trying to attract younger people, so it leveraged the power of influencers for the V8+ Energy drinks and V8 Veggie Blends. The launch focused on a post on Instagram targeted toward millennials with healthy lifestyles and young parents trying to instill good nutritional habits in their kids and themselves.

The campaign was a success. Most people were unaware of how far the brand had come and decided to try the new products.[1]

V8 also supported influencers with tons of education to make them informed, passionate brand advocates. Social media influencers were armed and ready to answer questions and address concerns or misconceptions among their followers.

New Product Use

Influencers can also shift the way people see a legacy product in the real-world using social media marketing campaigns. Using V8 as an example, the tomato drink with grandparents’ breakfast can also be used to blend veggies into a kid’s morning smoothie or create a delicious Bloody Mary. That’s a far cry from a boring morning beverage.

To pull this off, V8 gave the influencers the reins to propose ideas for showcasing products in innovative ways through marketing campaigns and content marketing. Sometimes, all it takes is a little perspective to inspire consumers to try a product from an aging brand in a new way and imagine how it fits into their daily lives.

New Brand Perception

TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram influencers bring fresh eyes into the mix, which is a huge advantage for a legacy company especially. You may have one idea of how your brand is perceived based on customer data, but an influencer has their finger on the pulse of the public.

You may find that your brand has well-deserved love and affection from the audience, but you may learn via social media that younger people think it’s old, or stodgy, or outdated. Influencer campaigns can not only breathe new life into your brand, but can alter perceptions among new audiences to show them what made you so successful and beloved in the past. In some cases, influencers recommend ideas to help you reach your goals with the audience they know well.

Influencer campaigns along these lines can help to identify brand advocates through positive comments and engagement rates, which provides a valuable opportunity for you. Reach out to people with product offers or giveaways to engage them in future marketing campaigns and continue to bring new faces to your brand.


Nostalgia is a powerful tool in marketing strategy, especially with a time-honored legacy brand. Influencers can remind people that aging brands are that way for a reason and inspire nostalgia for the “good old days.”

Spaghetti-O’s is a great example of a brand that can tap into nostalgia while reaching new audiences. The staple food in many households for decades, Spaghetti-O’s reminded consumers of the comfort of a childhood treat with millennials and millennial parents who enjoyed it when they were young, suggesting they share it with the new generation.[2]

Nostalgia like this taps into an emotional connection that’s about more than just a food. The spaghetti rings aren’t just sustenance, but a reminder of lunch with a grandparent or parent and a shared experience across generations.

Influencer Fame

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, but often, consumers remember the celebrity or influencer instead of the brand behind the promotion.

One brand that tackled this well is Timberland. When the brand wanted to showcase sustainability and highlight hip-hop culture for its Eurosprint Trekker Boot, it partnered with Loyle Carner. The hip-hop artist is known for being part of the “urban greening” movement and represented the ideal candidate to inspire a global greening movement between Timberland and the cause.

While this had potential to turn it into a memorable campaign for Loyle Carner and nothing else, Timberland worked with MTV to create a docuseries “Timberland Presents: Concrete Green with Loyle Carner.” The story is told over several episodes and woven into the lives of young consumers to deliver on authenticity and boost brand awareness.[3]

Leverage Influencers to Refresh an Aging Brand

Partnerships with trusted influencers give established brands an opportunity to breathe new life into their heritage while altering perceptions for young and trendy audiences. The brand should always be the focus of the campaign, but an influencer can offer new ideas that represent the new face of the brand for a new generation in the age of social media.