A/B Testing & Influencer Marketing

Bucket testing or A/B testing is a strategic method of comparing two versions of the same content against one another. You will learn which text, creative, graphic, headline, offer, influencer, or video content performs better. Put simply, it’s an experiment that helps you plan where you should put more of your advertising dollars. 

How To Approach A/B Testing & Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with a variety of influencers allows you to create and distribute more content. This sets you up to explore their various impact levels and determine how each affects your ROI. It’s not uncommon for sponsored content to be widely dispersed but get lower engagement rates. Smaller micro or macro influencers frequently have the highest engagement rates even though they technically reach a smaller audience.

With influencer marketing agencies, they will often run a campaign with multiple influencers simultaneously. This effectively creates a natural A/B testing environment that will help you measure varying KPIs. However, they will have slightly or even vastly different audiences which will have an impact on testing metrics.

But you can use this to your advantage! If you plan to aim for completely different markets across influencers, you may find that influencer-generated content reveals a previously undiscovered audience gap you were missing before. 

What You Should Be A/B Testing

The possibilities are endless for what you may actually change in any specific content, they will all fall into one of the following categories.

Test You Offer 

Testing your offer refers to your hook, why people are clicking. Is it a discount, an exclusive offer, a free trial, free shipping, or some other incentive? 

How you present your offer boils down the copywriting. Compare these two offers:

  • Buy one get one free (BOGO)!
  • Buy two and get 50% off!
  • Buy a three-month supply and get three months free!
  • Get half off when you buy a six-month supply!

Effectively, these are the exact same offer but which presentation appeals to your audience more? 

Other elements of your offer include headlines, calls-to-action, hooks, and stories. How you communicate what you are selling, why they need it, and why they need it now. 

Test Your Creative

Images, videos, infographics, flowcharts, flat lays, backgrounds, etc. These are all representations of the creative elements of your ad or content. This is usually where the influencer thrives and will bring their unique approach to the creative table. 

Your choice of influencer is critical. They will all have their own approach and even in testing, you will want to make sure it matches your brand identity as closely as possible. An influencer marketing agency will have an arsenal of content creators at their disposal for you to choose from, making the selection process much easier.

Keep in mind that the creative elements aren’t as 

Test Your Customer Journey

What happens when they click? Do they go off-platform? Are they re-directed to your product or landing page? Or straight to the shopping cart?

Depending on your campaign goals, whether you’re after brand awareness, boosted reach, or conversions, how your customer moves through your funnel will vary. Test different paths and see which your customers prefer. 

Test Your Landing Page

Every element after they click, the copy, the creative, the optimization, could all benefit from testing of their own. However, it’s important to remain cohesive. The message they find after they click should connect with why they clicked in the first place.

A/B Testing & Influencer Marketing Best Practices

Always test only one thing at a time or the results won’t tell you why one influencer was more successful than the other.  

Here are a few general guidelines for A/B testing & influencer marketing.

Develop Your Offer

The offer A across influencers and platforms should be kept the same.

Month One Testing

Create your control group by running this test for one month and measuring individual performance. 

Month Two Testing

Run offer B in the same way as you ran offer A, using the same influencers with the same reach and similar content types. 


Compare the results and KPIs across all platforms, offer A against offer B, and choose the winner. 

Helpful Shortcut Tools

You can run tests in less than eight weeks if you use A/B testing tools like Google Analytics or Unbounce. These perform best with a few big influencers mixed in with the micro ones to make sure you get data quickly. 

A/B Testing & Influencer Marketing

You can learn so much about your audience through influencer A/B testing, don’t miss out on this indispensable data.