If you’ve heard of Snapchat or used it before, then you already know how addicting it can be! With the millions of people using it, you aren’t alone and have quite a range of people to interact with on the app alone. And just like other social media platforms, this is actually an amazing way to advertise, as it has marketing opportunities to offer.

But what kind of marketing opportunities are there and what makes it beneficial to use the app for marketing and advertising? It might be confusing, especially for those who are still new to the app! So read on as I show you how to advertise on Snapchat to help you out!


What Is Snapchat?


Before anything else, what is Snapchat anyway? While a lot of people are familiar with the app, they are unsure of its use and how it works!

Snapchat works as both a messaging platform and a social networking app, which only works through the phone (iPhone or Android smartphone).

Through this app, you can chat with friends by sending photos or sending ten-second videos. It’s meant to be a messaging app of purely photos and videos (with added effects and filters), though you can also send text-based messages.

Recently, the app also added text chats and video calls to make the app more useful and enticing. What makes it unique compared to other apps is that the photos, texts, or videos shared would disappear in a few seconds after it’s been viewed. They also come with the feature to share “stories,” or photos and videos throughout your day to all your followers, which only last for one day.

So unlike other social media networks, Snapchat’s media would disappear immediately, which sort of makes online interacting a bit more human and grounded.

Not to worry though, as you CAN still save media and texts through screenshots or a saving feature. However, the sender will be notified of it to ensure the safety and security of what was sent.

How does it get to become a platform to advertise, though? I’ll explain that in the next section!

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How Are Advertisements Seen On Snapchat?


If Snapchat is an app meant for sending and receiving short media that disappears, how can you advertise effectively and get results? It’s such a unique platform that makes it a bit tricky to navigate if you’re not sure where to start and what to post.

It posts advertisements just as how one would post their stories: It lasts for ten seconds and disappears! But that depends on the ad format you choose. There are three types to look into:

Snap Ads

These are full-screen ads on Snapchat that are shown in video format. It plays with the sound on and is viewable easily.

There are three forms under this:

  • Web-viewing- Ad plays in video format and prompt people to swipe up for visiting your website, which helps you collect leads and make contacting customers better
  • Application Install- Display short ads with a call-to-action to install your mobile app when they swipe up
  • Long-Form Video Content- It drives traffic to long videos, such as films, shows, or how-to videos. It’s best for big brands to promote long films and movies, or content creators with long videos.


We all know how Snapchat has filters for fun and games, which is what makes Snapchat so unique from other photo-based social apps. Snapchat has now opened the opportunity for brands to create filters based on where they are. (https://adespresso.com/blog/snapchat-ad-manager/)

Advertisers can now create filters based on location and event, which are best for businesses who have a permanent location or for those who want to promote brand awareness. However, there’s no feature to let these filters link to your website.


This is the final type of ad to use from Snapchat, which are filters you see when taking a selfie. Like the ad type above, you can put on brand awareness, which is best for big companies who sell products to huge target audiences.

Snapchat Discover

This gives your ad premium placement (and the top of the Snapchat app) and is best for publishers and companies with big brands. It’s shown as a story with a long video, which can entice interest and connection with viewers.


How Much Are Snapchat Ads?


The cost of Snapchat ads varies with the type of ad you choke to use.

Snap Ads

Snap Ads have a huge swipe up rate and has millions of viewers interact with it. The cost is about $3,000 a month for the ad alone, without the creatives and the costs it takes to make the ad itself. But just like advertising on  YouTube, there is now a new “Max Reach” option so you’re able to budget how much you’ll spend by how many people who view it. (https://www.inboundnow.com/10-questions-ask-advertising-snapchat/)


This is one of the most expensive ads run by Snapchat, costing between $450,000 to $500,000 a day! But it does reap benefits, as hundreds and millions of users interact with it for almost half a minute.


The cost for filters, depending on the type, can cost as little as $5 (for local geofilters). BUT, it can also go as high as $20,000 for an hour per block!

Snapchat Discover

This is another expensive ad placement, which costs about $50,000 to $250,000 a day depending on the length and order of your story! However, there are now $50 tiers, which is a ten-second ad between the Snapchat Discover videos. This is best for smaller businesses on a budget.


The Benefits of Advertising on Snapchat


You’r probably wondering: Advertising on Snapchat is quite expensive, so what makes it worth the investment? There are a host of benefits as to why it can reap successful results for your business and campaigns:

Gain Exposure

Just like using popular social media networks as a way to advertise, the statistics are pretty positive. There are almost 200 million people who use Snapchat every day, with the average user opening it almost 20 times daily. This is a huge number, especially if you know that your target audience uses Snapchat. (https://www.advertisemint.com/9-reasons-why-companies-should-be-advertising-on-snapchat/)

Through these numbers, your ads will be able to get the views from your audience, increasing the chance of being seen and interacted with.

Stay Relevant

Snapchat isn’t only a place where you can check up on friends and loved ones. You can now also use the Discover feature to learn more about local news or any other fun information or entertainment subscribed to. While these are for big names, you can still place your ad in the Discover feature, where it will be seen by millions.

Besides this, you can use Snapchat’s features for your business, using the Stories to publish content and updating people of your latest news.

Advertise In Real-Time

While businesses think that the ten-second ads and disappearing content is a limitation, it can actually be a huge benefit. You are able to take advantage of the real-time benefits to marketing, also being able to properly track the views and interactions (from clicks to screenshots). (https://thrivehive.com/the-benefits-of-marketing-through-snapchat/)

For example, you can use these features as a promo, such as taking a screenshot of your story for a discount.

Target Locations

Not only can businesses interact with followers and ad viewers in real-time, but it can be through the location as well. So if you have a physical location for your business and want to share the announcement, using Geofilters is the way to go (and is affordable, too). People use these filers, which spreads the word of your event, and gain visibility for your business! (https://www.websitemagazine.com/blog/9-benefits-of-snapchat-for-business)

Building Communities

Marketing well isn’t just about having people purchase your product or service. It’s also about creating relationships and building brand loyalty with them. Engage with your customers through Snapchat, advertise your behind-the-scenes posts, and easily chat with them through the text feature!

Through posting on social media networks like Snapchat, it boosts engagement and trust, reinforcing your brand. well. You can also target millennials using Snapchat.

LITTLE Competition!

Every business utilizes other social media networks for advertising, such as Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. This makes it difficult for companies to get ahead on those platforms. But it’s only just recently that businesses see Snapchat as a great way of marketing, so doing so now will get you ahead of the competition. It helps set your brand apart and gain exposure before ads become too common in the app. (https://wallaroomedia.com/blog/snapchat/snapchat-advertising-better-than-tv/)


How to Advertise on Snapchat?


Now that you’re familiar with everything you need to know about Snapchat and the way you advertise on it, the next question is: How do you begin advertising with them and create the enticing content that will have the best results for your business?

Using Snap Ad Manager

Follow these steps to create your first Snap ad:

  1. Sign Up For Snap Ad

    If you don’t have a personal account for Snapchat yet, now’s the time to do so. It’s simple, as all you need to do is to input your name, username, and password, as well as your email and birthday. While there’s no need to use the personal account (though I encourage it!), it will allow you to create your business account for Snapchat ads. Visit to create your Snap Ad account. Log in using your personal account details and get started after filling out business details and payment information. After that, you can explore the page and see what it has to offer, familiarizing yourself with what to do. Here are the four main sections:

    • Dashboard- Where to create, view, and manage Snap ads. It’s also where the performance metrics are
    • Creative Library- Where to create, edit, and view ads
    • Custom Audiences- Where to use customer data to reach users
    • Help Center- In case you need to contact or learn more about how to navigate the website
  2. Create Your New Campaign

    Create your first ad campaign by selecting the “+New Campaign” button. You’ll then be directed to select from the following options based on your goals:

    • Drive Traffic to Website
    • Drive Installs to App
    • Grow Awareness
    • Drive Views

    After selecting, schedule your ad. You can either begin running it right away and keep it running indefinitely, or you can set a start and a end date. (https://adespresso.com/blog/snapchat-ad-manager/)

    Create a name to help identify the ad campaign easily when needed to manage it. Head on to the next page and we’ll get into the next advanced settings.

  3. Set the Audience and Your Budget

    Once you’ve created the first part of your campaign, you’ll now need to create your first ad set. There are advanced settings based on your target audience and how much you can afford for the campaign.When selecting your audience, the first thing to focus on is Geography. So choose a location you want to target, which can include the region and cities if needed. After that, head on to the Demographics section, to further refine the target audience. In here, you can select the age, gender, language as well as age restrictions and DLX_Advanced Demographics as needed. You’ll also find the Audiences section, where you are able to choose an audience based on the predefined ones Snapchat created.

    • Lifestyles are based on user’s long-term interests
    • Shoppers are based on what users purchase
    • Viewers are based on what people watch (films, shows, videos)
    • Visitors are based on the places they go while they hold their mobile devices

    Select the placement for the ad and the types of devices to target. After that, select your budget and goal, as well as the time you want the ad to run for. Give it a name and go to the next section!

  4. Upload the Ad

    Once you’ve chosen the audience and your budget, as well as the other basics of your ad campaign, it’s time to make your ad creative! Select “+New Creative” and you’ll be prompted to fill in some information, like the creative’s name, the sharable option, and the type of ad you’ll be using:

    • Top Snap- A three to ten-second video snap, best to drive views for a video
    • Web View- Sends users to websites
    • App Install- Drives users to install an app
    • Long-Form Video- Short teasers to films and other long videos

    Once you’ve selected the ad type, you’ll need to enter the following information:

    • Brand Name- appears on your Snap ad
    • Headline- appears below the brand name
    • Call-to-Action- appears at the bottom of your Snap Ad

    You can use the Snap Publisher, a video editing app which provides predesigned templates (or you can start from scratch!).

    Once your ad creative is done, upload it and launch the campaign!

  5. Let the Ad Run and Monitor Its Performance

    Once everything is reviewed, approved, and ready to run, monitor and measure the performance of your campaign from the dashboard of your ad manager. You’ll be able to see all results from your ads, where you can also edit your budget and bid amount. (https://www.99signals.com/snapchat-advertising/)You can find the following useful metrics:

    • Impressions
    • Video Views
    • Spend
    • eCPM
    • eCPV
    • Swipe-Ups
    • eCPSU
    • Installs


Work With Snapchat for Ad Placement


Sometimes, businesses don’t have the time to hire creatives to make the ads and post it on Snapchat themselves. Fortunately, there are people who can do it for you, and they come from the Snapchat community, too!
You can leave advertising to the pros instead and lessen the time and costs it takes to hire someone on your own. Here are two great options:

Work With Snapchat

Yes, you can work with Snapchat’s team themselves, who will create your ads and will post them. You will be working with the same creative team which designs Snapchat’s consumer products, so you won’t have to worry about receiving poorly-designed ads and the like.

You can connect with Snapchat to ask about the exact rates and packages for advertising by contacting them on their official website.

Work With Snapchat Partners

Snapchat has two kinds of partners you can also work with, both of which work on the Snapchat network in terms of advertising.

  • Ad Partners are the ones who create Lenses and Geofilters
  • Creative Partners develop effective ad campaigns to make it effective

There are also Certified Partners, who you can hire with the assurance that they have received the proper additional training and can work on your ads successfully. (https://blog.hootsuite.com/snapchat-ads/)


How to Make Good Snapchat Advertisements?


You know how to post your own ads and want to create your own creative content, but how can you do so? These are the tips to follow when making advertisements that are relatable and will give you the results you want and need for the business:

  1. Post the Fun and Playful Content

    For starters, you have to make your content engaging and something people will like. Since the majority of Snapchat users are of the younger generation, you’ll want fun and interactive content. This will have many people appreciate and engage with your ads. Engage using filters and lenses, which can help create the sharable Snaps people will love. That way, you get your money’s worth with many people using your filters to spread the word of your business! (https://blog.hootsuite.com/snapchat-ads/)

  2. Know Your Target Audience

    Get to know your audience more, specifically by the way they behave. Look into your target audience and see what their likes and dislikes are. This will help figure out where and when they open their apps for better ad placement. If you want to target football fans, you can look into those who are watching highlight reels. If you want to attract film-lovers, then you can use the location data so you know who opens their app while in the theater!

  3. Use and Monitor Audience Data

    Of course, you should always monitor audience data, as well as track the performance of your ads. Run your ad campaign for a few days and see how successful it is. Learn about what works and what doesn’t, tweaking things a bit as you go. Through following more of what works for ads, the more effective it will be. Listen to your audience through the results!

  4. Put a Call-to-Action After

    Before you even begin creating ads, create the goal you want to achieve. Is it to raise awareness, sell products, fain more views? Create the call-to-action based on what you want to happen with your ad campaign.If you want more views, design the enticing content for entertainment! If you want more sales, get the call-to-action to have users visit your website. This helps encourage people to take action from what you advertise.

  5. Make Your Ads Sharable

    I highly recommend that you make your ads sharable to increase engagement throughout social media platforms and increase views from other people. With the sharable and awesome content (like lenses and filters), people will begin posting it not only on Snapchat but in other websites where more people can reach it. You’ll be able to increase brand awareness better without even paying more.

  6. Keep It Short Yet Memorable

    Snapchat is home to short videos, photos, and disappearing texts. Because of that, you have to keep your ads short and snappy, but still memorable enough for people to remember and want to take action on. Sure, ten-second ads don’t seem long enough, but they’re actually long for today’s generation already! That’s why you have to make your ads as enticing as possible at such a short amount of time, even offering to promote to catch attention.

Wrapping It Up

Advertising on Snapchat may be a bit difficult at first, but the results are amazing as long as you do it right. With the effective advertising strategies and knowledge on using the app correctly, your business can thrive. It can have up to thousands of people interested in the products and services you have to offer!

I hope that this article on how to advertise on Snapchat gave you an idea on where to begin. So don’t wait any longer and contact our brand influencer agency to get started now.