If you are a brand humming along the usual marketing path, chances are you are lost in a world of pay-per-click ads, SEO optimization speak, and paid social media marketing.  These are not poor marketing strategies; however, they are no longer a complete picture in today’s consumer marketplace, where a vast majority of people trust brand recommendations from friends and family over those that come directly from brands themselves.

Savvy brands are peering into the influencer marketing scene and taking the leap to digital marketing success. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where brands hire someone who has a substantial, loyal, trusted audience on social media, to promote their brand. Influencer marketing takes many shapes and sizes and can occur in many places, from Instagram to Twitter, YouTube videos to Snapchat, Periscope to live events.  One fairly popular influencer marketing strategy is to use blog articles. Blogger influencers share everything from fashion photos and reviews, recipes, brand sponsored reviews, giveaways, to group posts and more.

Blog Influence

Blogger Influencer Posts Offer Expanded Reach

Blog posts are an attractive strategy to incorporate into an influencer campaign for many brands because of the kind of reach they can offer. Naturally, the reach of a post will always depend on a blog influencer and their audience, but there are ways to expand that reach.

Bloggers to target:

  • Those who have a large volume of blog subscribers.
  • They post on multiple social media platforms aside from their blog.
  • Ones who have a substantial reach and engagement on their social profiles.
  • Those willing to collaborate with other bloggers for a group post.
  • Bloggers whose voice resonates with your brand’s image and mission.

How To Find Bloggers

If you decide to hire influencers who blog and utilize their blog audience for your influencer campaign, you need to target stellar bloggers.  There are many resources and tools available to help you find influencers, but a lot of them target specific social media platforms rather than blogs or bloggers. Below is a list to help you narrow in on bloggers, and from there branch out into other social platforms.

Top 6 Blogger Discovery and Blogger Outreach Tools 

1. MyBlogU

MyBlogU is a blogger community for bloggers, but it can be a useful tool for brands as well.  Brands can become part of the community and reap the benefits.  You will have direct access to bloggers.  Through this tool, you can reach out to bloggers for collaborative projects.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is known as a platform that analyzes content.  It’s also a great tool for reputation management and to discover who is sharing what.  Under the “Content Creation” section you can search for and share content by topic and review content shared by influencers which will help connect you to their blogs.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.36.13 PM

3. TwChat

Twitter Chats are real-time conversations on Twitter found through hashtags.  Often scheduled, it’s a great way to pop in and see who is talking about a topic related to your brand.  Click on a person’s Twitter profile to find out if they have a website or blog link.  While this method takes some investigation, it’s worth your time because you can discover people currently engaged in the topic at hand.

4. Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog is a social blog directory of blogs, split up by categories.  You can search blogs by city and interest as well as by category to further narrow your identification of blog influencers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.32.25 PM

 5. Technorati

With Technorati, you can utilize the blog search tool to uncover bloggers by industry.

6. Alltop

Alltop is a site that sources all the top content from the web and shares it in an easy to find fashion.  Created by Guy Kawasaki, this platform is a great place to find content within your brand’s industry and connect with associated bloggers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.10.22 PM

How to Hire Bloggers

Once you find a list of bloggers you think would be great brand allies, you will need to reach out to them.  There are many ways to do this and a lot of things to keep in mind.  Today I will keep it simple and offer the most basic advice.

1. Act personal and personable

The more you interact with bloggers and influencers on a personal – yet professional and personable – level, the more likely they will be to respond to any request you have of them.  You want them to email you back?  Do not send a massive blank message to “Hey You!”  Send individual emails to each blogger.

2. Do your homework

Be sure to research each blogger before you reach out.  Make sure their niche audience is one that would be beneficial for your brand to reach.  Know something about the blogger.  When you email them, tell them what you love about their blog and why they would be a great fit to work with your brand.

In other words, give them ample reason to want to engage with you.

3. Welcome, and let go 

After you spend some time working through your list of bloggers via email or phone calls, you will know who is interested in your brand and who isn’t by the presence, urgency, and type of responses you get.  Welcome bloggers into the fold who are all about your product.  Anyone who seems passionate about your brand is a win.

Those folks who do not bother messaging back are ones you should let go.  Your influencer campaign will be better off with a select group of highly passionate bloggers, as opposed to a larger group of semi-interested yet popular bloggers.  The ones who seem only semi-interested in your brand are less likely to do a bang up job promoting your products to their audience.



How can you measure blog influence?

There are numerous ways to measure blog influence, and influence in general.  Taking a look at the number of followers, engagement with the influencer’s audience, reach, niche, and other factors are important.  Naturally, the influence is only as important as a campaign’s goals.