Fashion influencers are looking for ways to set themselves apart.  Many different types of people can qualify as a fashion influencer; a model, a fashion designer, a fashion blogger, the CEO of a popular fashion brand, or a celebrity fashion icon.  Even makeup models and makeup artists fall under the Fashion Influencer vertical.

A massive industry of people invested in fashion offers a great opportunity for diversity and competition at the same time.  What does a fashion influencer new on the scene do to set one’s self apart and create a substantial following?

Livestreaming and Fashion


When it comes to fashion, there are no rules, so keep in mind that fashion brands have a leg (or arm or dress, for that matter) up most industries.  Where a brand in another industry might be considered corporate, and in a position that they must hire influencers to market for them, fashion brands themselves can skirt around this issue to some extent.  A lot of fashion brands are self-contained fashion influencers.

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How can this be, you ask?  Take Versace, for example.  Versace is a brand, and the woman behind the brand is Donatella Versace.  As fashion came streaming through big time this past year on Periscope, the charge was led early on by fashion mogul Donatella Versace, showing up as an influencer in her own right.  She demands large audiences and can sway buying decisions with the slightest blink of her eyes.  That is true influencing at its best.  So when Donatella scoped her a live Q & A from The Metropolitan Museum of Art when she talked to J. Lo, Givenchy, and IPO, you can believe that not only were her fans watching, but a lot of fashion fans tuned in to hear the latest in Versace fashion suggestions.

This is great news for all fashionistas who want to become influencers and gain a loyal audience on Periscope.  You do not need to be anyone or anything in particular – you simply need to have something unique to say about fashion.  Keep in mind that someone like Donatella Versace is infamous in fashion circles, and it may take a while to get there yourself.

Model Photography Fashion Influencer

Periscope Fashion Influencers on The Runway

Periscope walked the catwalk, so to speak, at New York Fashion Week this past September.  Fashion influencers and brands alike helped boost the popularity of Periscope while adding flair.

Let’s take a look at a few of the fashion influencers who are paving the way for future fashionistas on Periscope:

  • @mrjoezee = Editor in Chief of Yahoo Style, formerly Elle, and Co-Host of national syndicated daytime talk show, FABLife, Joe Zee has his pulse on what’s hot in the fashion world.
  • @StyleCaster editor, @rachelstrugatz = She shared bits of NYFW, runway to backstage, via her Periscope profile @StyleCaster.  Rachel herself is a fashion influencer.
  • @evachen212 = Popular New York fashion writer, she added a great perspective to the NYFW scene.
  • @missjulee = Popular HuffPost Style’s fashion and beauty editor, Miss Julee surely had a lot of input and scouting to do during falls’ Fashion Week.

Influencer Marketing on Periscope

Ok, so you’re not Mr. Joe Zee or Donatella Versace for that matter, but that does not keep you from becoming a famous fashion influencer and utilizing Periscope to market yourself.  Below are some tips and suggestions on how to do so.

  • Backstage

Everyone loves a good “backstage” fashion show – even if it’s in your closet.  People hire personal shoppers to buy clothing for them.  Why not show off your personal style, fashion trends, your fashion advice, and your own closet to fans and future fans on Periscope?  Take them backstage into your closet, or to any fashion event, you attend for big ratings.

  • What’s Next

A good follower of fashion wants to know what’s coming next in trends.  Naturally, most of the upcoming fashion trends walk the runway at NYFW, but if you have an insider’s look into upcoming fashion trends, share them with viewers on Periscope.  They will heart you like there is no tomorrow.

  • A Day in The Life

A true fashionista fashion influencer knows her fashion – and knows how to shop.  Take your viewers shopping with you.  This may turn into personal shopping gigs, or it might simply boost your viral appeal in the fashion world if you are an expert shopper.  Live in New York or L.A.?  Even better!  Take a stroll down 5th Ave or Melrose with your phone out and Periscope on.

  • Fashion Party! 

Try throwing a fashion party with all of your fashion friends.  This can be a formal or informal gathering.  Perhaps it’s a dinner party where everyone wears their most exquisite Spring 2016 outfit, or an informal clothing potluck where your friends bring last year’s fashionable clothing to swap and do a “runway” show off their new, traded wares, through your house.

Final Thoughts

These are not the most standard ideas on how to market yourself as a fashion influencer on Periscope, but honey let’s be honest – you’re an artist.  You want to make your living in fashion, and if you have not already stepped out of a conservative mindset, it’s about time.  The only way to influence others in fashion is to step to the edge and walk just a little further.  Doing it on Periscope is no different, simply turn on the camera and hit “record”.