The Final Word: Do Hashtags Help You Grow on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags are one of the most effective ways to boost engagement and reach for Instagram posts. This is the fundamental way content is labeled and categorized on the platform – without them, your posts may not get in front of the right users.

Hashtags also act as a reference for the platform’s algorithm to categorize your content and suggest it to users who are likely to be interested.

Do Hashtags Boost Growth?

Hashtags have been debated over the years, especially since Instagram recommended keeping the limit on three to five hashtags (despite allowing up to 30 per post). The platform is shifting toward semantic keyword search, offering new possibilities for captions or topics.

Despite these changes, hashtags are still a vital tool for categorizing content and making it searchable and discoverable. Combined with the right content strategy, they can get impressive results.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram offers different types of hashtags, including:

  • Location-based hashtags, like #midtownmanhattan or #griffithpark
  • Industry hashtags that categorize a niche, such as #weddingplanner or #fashioninfluencer
  • Branded hashtags for campaigns or events, such as #nycomicon
  • Community-focused hashtags that reflect a community, such as #vanlife or #creatorlife
  • Descriptive hashtags to describe the content, such as #luxurycosmetics or #dogbeds

With Instagram recommending a lower number of hashtags, you need to be strategic about which ones you prioritize. Still, including hashtags in different categories covers all your bases to get your content in front of users’ eyes.

How to Determine the Best Hashtags

Here are a few ways to choose your hashtags:

  • Use a hashtag suggestion tool to find hashtags based on your content or similar hashtags for your industry.
  • Conduct research on the Instagram Explore page to search for keywords that are relevant to your content, brand, or industry. Look at the “Top” results to see what’s performing well and could be used for your content.
  • Check hashtag volume using the Instagram Tag Search tool. This let’s you know if your hashtag has been used on a high volume of posts, which means yours will be lost in the shuffle. Conversely, if a hashtag only has a few hundred posts, that may mean that no one is searching for it. Ideally, look for hashtags that come in between 10,000 and 200,000 posts.

Hashtags for Influencer Marketing

Influencers can be valuable for promoting your hashtags. You can collaborate with influencers and ask them to use a branded hashtag in sponsored posts, increasing your reach even further.

Choosing the right influencer or influencer marketing agency is paramount, however. You want to work with influencers who have a substantial following and a solid engagement rate, but not influencers who are so big that they lost the connection with their audience.

Influencer marketing agencies can be helpful for finding verified, effective influencers, and may even help you manage your campaigns.

Key Takeaways

Instagram hashtags offer an effortless way to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, but you need to be strategic. Including branded hashtags in your influencer marketing campaigns can expand your reach and get you better results for your efforts, boosting your growth on the platform.