5 Ways Influencer Marketing Makes Your Brand Credible

New and established brands alike both need brand credibility. Influencer marketing or working with an influencer marketing agency is one of the best strategies for building your brand’s credibility and trust in the marketplace. Essential for burgeoning brands bringing in new products, it’s just as crucial (if not more so) for established brands looking to generate positive PR and product or service reviews. 

Brand credibility boils down to two sides of the same coin: whether or not consumers trust you and if you’ve done the work to establish your brand as an authority in your industry. Customers buy from you and recommend you, potentially buying from you again based on these two elements. 

It’s obvious that brand credibility is critical to acquire new customers as well as retain existing ones. Without brand credibility, your sales rates, earned media, brand reputation, and growth will suffer.

The Benefits of Borrowed Credibility

So what’s the best way to get some of that credibility? While it’s not for sale on aisle four, it’s close! 

Leveraging influencer marketing is the fast track to building brand credibility. Social media influencers, bloggers, and online personalities share education and spread positivity about your brand to their audiences. 

An influencer’s audience is already engaged and tuned in to what they have to say, they’re already a trusted source for those audience members. You get to borrow their influence and lend it to your products and services.

Influencer marketing is essentially like the old game of telephone, but digital and on a much larger scale. These influencers have created a community where they share recommendations, reviews, and testimonials as authentically as a conversation among friends.

That’s the kind of proven trust and credibility you can’t buy, outside of influencer marketing. Content creators working with an influencer marketing agency also come with a full stack of strategy, A/B testing, analytics, and deal structuring to make the process as effective and streamlined as possible. 

Builds Relationships and Networks With Influencers

One of the primary mistakes marketers and brands make when they approach influencer marketing for the first time is that it’s a one-and-done kind of arrangement. While you can do it that way, it’s certainly not the most effective. 

Approach influencers and content creators as valuable members of your team! Keep them in your circle and continue to nurture the relationship long term. 

The most successful campaigns rarely use only one influencer. Create a reliable network of preferred influencers who bring a varied, engaged market to the table. This is where an influencer marketing agency comes in handy, by having immediate access to a variety of influencers with ready-to-go, engaged audiences. 

Encourages User-Generated Content

Which is more effective? A company telling you how awesome and reliable they are? Or real, on-the-street people telling you how practical, wonderful, comfortable, or easy their products are? 

The second option is more believable and gives greater peace of mind! This is what’s known as user-generated content. These aren’t necessarily sponsored posts or ads but are authentic, unsolicited customer testimonials. 

Leverage as many as you can by sharing and encouraging more! New customers see this real-life content about the products and services existing customers love and a movement starts to take shape. Their trust in who you are and what you offer grows with each exposure. 

Promotes Giveaways and Challenges That Can Go Viral

We all love a bit of free stuff, right? Hosting a sponsored challenge or giveaway is a fun way to grow your followership, build brand awareness, and garner trust among new and existing audience members. 

Content creators can promote your challenge or giveaway with dedicated hashtags and branded features. These posts are engaging, fun, and have the potential to really go viral! Make sure you track engagement and conversions with custom URLs or rely on a full-stack influencer marketing agency to handle all the tracking and metrics. 

Leverages an Influencer’s Creative Approach

Professional social media or blogging influencers have grown their audience because of what they create and how they interact with their followers. They know what their people want to see and how to create content to match. 

This is how they create more than an audience but a community, they’ve built a sense of trust and have bonded with their followers. An influencer’s campaign will have the most success when they’re given the creative freedom to keep being authentic and to keep producing content in a way that resonates with their audience. That’s what you’re paying for!

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Start building relationships with best-fit influencers or tag in a reputable influencer marketing agency to take the shortcut. Build brand credibility and increase your earned media!