4 Signs Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

The internet is replete with opinions on the longevity of influencer marketing, will it stay or will it go? As an influencer marketing agency, we’ve seen first-hand the incredible reach and growth an expertly executed influencer marketing campaign can achieve. 

And we’ve seen it over, and over again, for a massive variety of brands and products. 

Anyone who says otherwise is selling fake news. Here are 4 signs that mean we KNOW influencer marketing is here to stay. 

#1 The Millennial Market Share

Influencer marketing speaks to the largest share of the market. Ages 35-50 represent the strongest buying power and right now, that’s the millennial generation. And for the next 15-20 years, that’s who it will stay, followed by Gen Zers beginning to take over their share, too.[1] 

While millennials may be the most lucrative market, they’re also the savviest. This means they highly value brand authenticity. All consumers connect more strongly with content that is real and organic instead of posed and perfect.

A personalized and genuine, content-driven experience provides the healthiest environment for making buying decisions. This is where influencer marketing makes its bread and butter, for influencers and brands alike! They offer genuine peer recommendations, testimonials, reviews, and tutorials, all via authentic, and relatable content. 

#2 The Undeniable, and Otherwise Unattainable, Brand Credibility

Nothing builds trust in a brand like the recommendation of a trusted friend or advisor. You have an established relationship you’ve built with them over time. And nothing achieves this on such a large scale as with influencer marketing. 

Relationship building is the core of influencer marketing. And relationships take time to develop and grow. Content creators with an engaged audience have spent years building their follower base and establishing trust. 

As a brand, you’re buying the privilege to tap into that trust and established relationship when you collaborate with an influencer. You could not achieve the same level of influence and engagement, even with a large brand following.

Why? Your audience knows you’re selling. Of course, you think your products are awesome, but that may not persuade the market to buy. Reliable information from a trusted source does. Enter your influencer! 

Influencers also help you reach other faces of your target audience you may not otherwise reach. Just because your brand has a large following on social media, doesn’t mean those are people who will buy from you. Content creators in your niche already have the ear of your target market. 

#3 Influencer Marketing Is Infinitely Deployable

Ever had those friends that vanish and reappear when they need help moving or want you to buy their new oils? This is how some brands approach influencer marketing. 

It’s possible to run campaigns that way, and some brands do, but it’s far less effective. When leveraged properly, influencer marketing is here to stay because you can run it on an infinite loop and it will still never be the same content twice. 

By adopting an infinite deployment approach, you’re showing up with consistency in all the right places. You never become irrelevant or forgotten — and you never have to start from scratch again out of desperation. 

Your various campaigns will still have different goals and different ways you will measure KPIs. When working with an influencer marketing agency that has an arsenal of ready and waiting content creators, the creative output possibilities are infinite! 

The credibility you continue to build with infinite deployment over time, along with the ability to measure long-term metrics, is invaluable. 

#4 An Influencer Marketing Agency and Content Creators Build Relationships

Influencer marketing is social selling on a massive scale. Not just building relationships with customers, but with influencers, industry partners, brand ambassadors, and parallel brands. 

When you leverage an influencer’s credibility in the marketplace, this means you’ve established your own level of trust with them and their influencer marketing agency. You’ve created a reliable network of successful and prepared influencers who know about your brand, love your product, and believe in your brand. 

When they talk about your products, they’re bought in! Their audience gets used to seeing your name in their mouth and you become authentically familiar to your target customer. When you’re ready for the next campaign, you already know who you want to work with!

We know influencer marketing is here to stay because people are at the core of influencer marketing. You’re building a genuine relationship with the people, not just an influencer marketing agency, a content creator, or an industry partner. Authentic connections are what stand the test of time.