Influencer marketing maximizes the impact of social media’s unmatched reach. Professional content creators have built an engaged following of thousands or even millions of engaged people. An influencer marketing agency has access to an entire lineup of content creators, each with their own established and engaged following. 

Traditional marketing strategies just cannot get that same kind of reach without deep pockets and a massive creative team. Influencer marketing is gaining popularity among corporations that are sick of ponying up for relatively inefficient traditional advertising tactics that are difficult to measure. 

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Corporations

Traditional corporate marketing is billboards, TV spots, and high-priced spreads in fancy magazines. (Do people even still buy those?!) This translates to steep budgets for largely unknown returns. 

Where do the consumers of today spend their time? They’re on their phones and tablets, cruising online content, looking to be entertained and educated. Influencer marketing meets customers where they already are. 

So what does successful influencer marketing mean for corporations? 

Corporations Attract Higher-Quality Leads and Customers

Did you know that 51% of marketing teams believe they’ve acquired higher quality and more loyal customers from influencer marketing than they can capture from other traffic sources?[1] 

Any lead can convert and turn into a one-time customer, but high-quality consumers have the potential to turn into loyal, recurring customers. These high-quality consumers are the people that evolve into highly effective brand advocates.

Brand advocates are more likely to organically share and rave about your products or services with friends, family, and social media. This increases brand awareness, credibility, social proof, and even sales.

Corporations Are Seeing a Better Average ROI

Every profit-driven marketing campaign has the same objective: To return more money in sales than the amount invested in the chosen strategy. Every marketer will tell you that dollars are the best kind of return. 

Influencer marketing packs quite a punch in ROIs. According to SmartInsights, the average return on a $1 into an influencer marketing campaign is roughly $6.50 or more. This adds up to approximately 11 times higher return than other more traditional marketing strategies.[2] 

Easier and More Comprehensive A/B Testing

Influencer marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies in motion today. Because of this, marketers can afford to test, learn, pivot, make mistakes, and refine their approach to advertising. 

Corporations can try multiple influencers, collect analytics, and run a variety of A/B tests simultaneously. Collaborating with an influencer marketing agency and their lineup of content creators makes this process as streamlined as possible and delivers the most comprehensive campaign metrics. 

The Power of Infinite Shareability + Earned Media

One influencer could have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers. Even more if your marketing campaign is deployed across multiple platforms. When corporations collaborate with multiple influencers in a single campaign, the potential reach is virtually unlimited. 

Content created by a micro, macro, or mega influencer often gets shared and buzzed about. Their carefully curated content sees far more impressions and engagements than standard brand-produced fare. Therein lies the potential to go viral and boost your message farther than just initial reach projections. 

While not every post or campaign goes viral, when it happens, it’s an efficient and effective path to increased earned media! This puts your brand in front of a larger pool of your target customers.

The Sustainability of Influencer Marketing for Corporations

Corporations are generally seen as unattached, distant conglomerates that are disconnected from their audience. Influencer marketing has the power to change the narrative for big brands and mega corporations, it’s already happening. 

Relationships are at the core of what influencer marketing is really about. Creating and maintaining healthy, genuine relationships with consumers in order to build trust, credibility, and brand loyalty. Professional content creators make your brand feel more personable, more relatable. More human!

Products have a shelf life while relationships can last a lifetime. Corporations simply can’t achieve this kind of relationship status from their lofty corner offices. In order for corporations to build longevity and transform into a true legacy brand, influencer marketing is their best bet. 

Influencer Marketing For Growth

Influencers and content creators already have a robust online reach. They’re essentially professional awareness raisers. Not only can they drive direct sales and lead capture, they generate word-of-mouth growth and help you manage your online reputation. 

You can reach entirely new markets and audiences where you may be virtually unknown. Your local brand can have global impact by leveraging an influencer marketing agency with influencers across the globe! The growth potential is unmatched!