Content Marketing: What It Really Is and Why You Need It

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that uses relevant content, such as videos, articles, blog posts, podcasts, and more, to attract and engage an audience. This strategy is effective to establish brand expertise and promote brand awareness.

It’s not the same as using content for marketing, however. It’s customer-focused and seeks to answer important customer questions to offer solutions to their problems and challenges. It has quantifiable business value.

Incidentally, these are a lot of the same benefits and goals as influencer marketing, which leverages third-party validation to enhance a brand’s reach and visibility. Because of this, influencer marketing can be a strong addition to your content strategy.

What Is Content Marketing, Really?

At its core, content marketing is a business opportunity that can be used for growth. As the market gets more competitive, businesses may struggle to achieve growth.

Content marketing allows any business to improve their presence in organic search through relevance, value, and thought leadership. No matter the budget, any business can start building a robust content marketing strategy and reap the rewards.

Of course, content marketing has to be well planned and executed to work. When it’s done right, with a strategy and thought behind each piece and the goals, it can fuel exponential growth, build brand awareness and trust, help to build a loyal base of brand customers and advocates, and drive sales and signups.

Content marketing takes time to build, but once it does, it can gain momentum. As more content is created, the brand presence only gets bigger and bigger. The foundation of content marketing can fuel it sustainably for years to come.

Influencer Marketing as a Complementary Strategy

Influencer marketing is an ideal complement to content marketing. Once content marketing already has a strong foundation, influencer marketing can amplify it strategically.

Content is the baseline. Businesses should have content for every point in the customer interactions with the brand. Once those touchpoints are hit consistently, then influencers can give it a boost to maximize its effectiveness.

Influencer marketing is also more effective with existing content. When an influencer promotes a brand or its products and services, but there’s no content, followers who seek out more information feel misled. At the least, influencers should be able to leverage content that explains who the brand is, what it does, and how it helps people.

In addition, influencers may be wary of working with brands that don’t have any content related to the product or service they’re supposed to promote. They built a loyal following, so they have their own personal brand to protect. They don’t want to accidentally promote a brand they wouldn’t believe in.

Boost Content Marketing with Influencer Marketing

Essentially, influencers value influence. You need to build your own influence with a solid content marketing strategy, which an influencer can use to expand your reach and visibility even further. With a strong foundation, both strategies can maximize each other’s strengths and benefits.