How Blogging Influencers Can Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

Blogging and content marketing have been around for a while, leaving the internet a noisy and cluttered space. No matter how good the content is, brands small and large alike may struggle to cut through the noise.

Along with effective content, brands need to leverage content promotion strategy to get blog posts, articles, videos, and other content in front of the right audiences to maximize their efforts.

And there’s no better way to do that than with blogging influencers. You may already be familiar with influencer marketing, which relies on a content creator with a large following and a certain amount of “influence” over their audience, but blogging influencers amplify those capabilities with stable content creation.

Benefits of Blogging Influencers for Your Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Blogger influencers have tons of SEO benefits for a brand, including a strong backlink profile. Blogging not only showcases your products and services for your brand, but encourages backlinking from authoritative sources.

In many cases, influencers already have this internet content clout, making their potential backlinks a potential force for SEO. The same rules apply for creating SEO content with an influencer, however. Create consistent content, add value, and use target keywords.

Brand Promotion

When most people think of influencers, they think of videos or images that may include a product review or product placement. While these can be very effective for generating interest and recognition, sometimes, the audience misses the call-to-action or the brand involved.

Blog posts are written, so followers can easily bookmark the page or access the brand website through a link. The post must contain valuable information that piques the audience’s interest, however, to drive more traffic.

Evergreen Content

Most brands have relevant topics or products that are evergreen, topical, or both. One of the biggest benefits of blogs, especially on an influencer’s page, is that they can be evergreen and may be referenced for years without constant updates or changes. Evergreen content is an important part of content strategy to ensure a mix of topics and year-round value.


Despite the success and interest in influencer campaigns, there are issues with the lack of transparency surrounding some influencer stats and metrics. Blogs have more consistent metrics than social media posts, videos, or images, so you can see clear conversions, referrals, sales, and return on investment.

Organic Traffic

Done correctly, a blogging influencer’s content can drive legitimate, organic traffic from ideal customers to your website. Depending on the social media post, it may drive traffic to social media pages or directly to the website. This may mean an extra step in the purchase process and a possible lost sale, compared to a blog that directs to the specific product page.

How to Find Success with Blogging Influencer Partnerships

Blogging influencers can amplify your marketing strategy, but the same rules apply as content marketing. You have to provide quality content on your blog and social media, both from the influencer and yourself, and you must develop a relationship with your audience.

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy like any other, and it needs to start with clear goals and desired outcomes for different platforms. Determine the KPIs to measure success and to inform future campaigns.

Finally, it’s vital to choose the right influencer. An influencer with a million followers in the foodie space won’t do much for your automotive brand, and vice versa. It’s better to choose a niche influencer with a smaller and more passionate audience that aligns with your brand or product than to go for the biggest name.

Before the partnership begins, be sure to lay out goals, expectations, and brand personality. Ensure that the influencer understands the brand values and voice and has clear expectations for the number of brand mentions, reviews, shares, backlinks, etc.

If you have your choice of influencers, after choosing the right industry niche and voice, look for influencers with a lot of shareable (and shared!) content and influencers with high domain authority.

Leverage Blogging Influencers to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

If you already have a relationship with an influencer who has been successful in the past, it may be helpful to start there with your blogging goals. If not, follow and engage with influencers in your niche and with shareable content, then try to connect. Remember that it’s a two-way street – you have to be invested in helping them succeed and both of you need to get something out of the partnership.