The Labor Shortage Isn’t Over: Why Companies Are Turning to Outsourcing Their Influencer Marketing Efforts

Outsourcing has been steadily growing in the past few years. In 2021, the global outsourcing market held a value of $245.91 billion.[1] The world is still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation, so we can expect a growth in outsourcing as companies seek to address essential tasks.

For many companies, marketing is an obvious choice for outsourcing. For others, they continue to take on too many tasks and let their influencer marketing campaigns suffer, either for lack of time, lack of the appropriate talent, or lack of expertise.

Influencer Marketing in the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation left many valuable positions empty, and hiring a new employee to replace an old one can cost as much as double.[2] Not to mention the time – hiring isn’t a quick process, and marketing needs to be rapid and agile to succeed.

After recovering from the pandemic, or starting a brand-new business after leaving one’s own job, that kind of spend may be out of the question.

Influencer marketing is essential to a business’s success, however. Most business owners know they need marketing talent to boost brand awareness and increase sales and revenue, but they may assume they can do it themselves or wait until they employ the right team.

That could be a costly mistake, however. Influencer marketing has become more sophisticated and requires a multifaceted team of experts and professionals with a combination of education, experience, and intuition.

Perhaps a business owner can succeed on their own know-how, but they won’t be getting the most out of their efforts and marketing spend.

Why Companies Outsource Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a critical investment area for a business, but many struggle to find the time and resources to create, develop, and execute a solid marketing strategy. Outsourcing to a skilled influencer marketing agency partner can lead to numerous benefits, including faster campaigns, more targeted campaigns, industry expertise, and reduced expenses.

While hiring an agency is an upfront expense, it’s often more cost-effective than seeking, hiring, and training an in-house team. It’s also much faster, allowing you to launch campaigns faster and generate better results.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing marketing efforts amid labor shortages:

Having the Right Talent

As discussed, the process of posting a job ad, screening candidates, going through the interview process, making an educated guess on the right candidate, and training them for the role can take weeks, if not month. For a newer or growing business, that’s simply not time they can afford.

Outsourcing marketing to a marketing agency gives you instant access to a wide pool of experts and talented professionals with tons of industry experience. Campaigns can be more effective, and agencies have the processes and systems in place to launch campaigns much faster than more businesses.

Staying True to Your Brand

Consistent branding is something many businesses struggle with. Agencies are accustomed to working with brands at various stages in their development, and they can work with you to create strategic initiatives, tailored goals, and targeted content that’s both effective and aligned with your brand’s objectives.

An outside perspective is often a valuable asset as well. You may not know what you don’t know, and it can be difficult to maintain objectivity when you’re too close to the concept. An agency can give you suggestions, ideas, and feedback to improve campaigns and stay ahead of the market curve.

Improving ROI

Cost is often a limitation of outsourcing, but the return on investment for outsourcing to an agency quickly outweighs the upfront costs. Outsourced marketing is another expense, but likely less than a full team or the time it takes to handle the marketing tasks on your own.

Consider outsourcing an investment and not an expense. The right marketing agency is an investment in the future of the business and its growth, all with the expertise of a diverse, talented, and experienced team of professional marketing experts. There’s no full-time salary, continued education, or ongoing training to worry about – the agency already has the skill sets you need to put your marketing efforts to work.

Consider Outsourcing for Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

The world of marketing is becoming more niche and nuanced by the minute. Marketers need to stay aware of the newest trends, updates, and tactics to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market with widespread labor shortages and other challenges. A marketing agency provides expert guidance and strategy from diverse, knowledgeable team with an array of unique skillsets and capabilities.