Why Q1 is the Best Time to Strategize Summer Influencer Marketing Campaigns

For many brands, summer is the biggest marketing time of the year. Brands with seasonal products rely on summer campaigns to increase sales, and the warmth and sunshine offer numerous opportunities for creative marketing campaigns on social media platforms. People are often more willing to spend money during the summer months, whether it’s for garden supplies, summer clothing, luxury picnics, or outdoor supplies.

If summer is your big season, there’s no time to waste! The best time to start planning your summer influencer marketing campaigns is Q1, which runs from January to March. If you start your summer marketing strategy too late, you may lose customers to other brands and products.

You’ll notice that most seasonal marketing and products starts well before the season – think of Christmas decorations hitting stores in late October or early November. Consumers are used to these cycles, and it’s important you deliver on summer campaigns.

Also, influencers, like any other content creator, may plan strategies months in advance. The influencer marketing industry on a whole experiences a surge during the summer months as well. If you wait, you could miss out on the best authentic influencer marketing for your brand.

Top Influencer Marketing Strategy Trends for Summer

In-Person Events

After lockdown and social distancing during the joyous summer months, many people are itching to get back out into the sunshine and enjoy beach trips, outdoor sports, and other activities. That’s not expected to change in the summer of 2022, and at this point, enough of the population is vaccinated to allow more social events.

People will come together for birthday parties, picnics, game nights, golf, weddings, and other fun activities, plus live concerts and festivals. This is a spectacular time for brands to sell products in a wide range of categories, and YouTube influencers or other types of influencers can be used to promote your brand and summer products, drive sales, and encourage user-generated content.

Warm Weather Fashion

Fashion brands took a hit during the pandemic with many people staying home and favoring comfortable clothing. Now, people are becoming more interested in fashion, putting together stylish outfits, investing in personal care products. Instagram influencers excel in the fashion and beauty space, with many showing off “outfit of the day” posts or “style inspo” posts.

Even if your brand isn’t strictly fashion, incorporating your products into a fashion and lifestyle influencer’s summer fashion campaign, or leveraging them as brand ambassadors to promote your brand, offers huge advantages.

Outdoor Adventure

If you have a brand with outdoor products, whether they’re lawn chairs and pool supplies or camping and fishing gear, we can expect that consumers are going to be looking for supplies to enjoy outdoor activities. People will also be attending sporting events, so it’s an opportunity to promote your brand and products for baseball games, equestrian shows, and other outdoor sports.

This also means that photography influencers, travel influencers, outdoor fashion influencers, and outdoor-focused TikTok influencers will be ramping up the activity and engagement during the summer. What better way to promote your outdoor product than with a brand ambassador, sponsored content, or a product review from an outdoor influencer?

Summer Holidays

Summer holidays were another area that took a hit during the pandemic. We can expect that summer holidays like July 4th, Pride Month, and Labor Day will get more attention this year, and it’s important to get your marketing plan in order.

For example, if you’re planning a sale for these holidays, like many brands do, you can use an influencer to promote your upcoming discounts and specials with Instagram posts or sponsored content. You’ll have a lot of competition during this time, but an Instagram or Pinterest influencer can provide trustworthy and authentic recommendations that set you apart from salesy ads for other brands.


Marketing for back-to-school sales can be challenging. Too early and you’re forgotten about when it comes time for parents to shop with their kids, but too late and you’ll miss out on the back-to-school rush. Most grade schools close for the summer around late May or early June and re-open in late August or early September. College typically ends in May and begins again in August.

These are prime opportunities for school clothes, dorm supplies, and general school supplies like laptops, bags, and backpacks. It’s important to begin your marketing campaigns as soon as July 4th passes and find a good influencer for your brand. Back-to-school influencers, mom influencers, Facebook influencers with community groups, and college influencers are a great tool for back-to-school marketing and have the ideal audience, whether you’re marketing to the kids or their parents.

Plan Your Summer Influencer Campaigns

Summer is a big sales season and a good time to revamp your marketing strategy to leverage trends. If you’re planning a marketing campaign for the summer season, it’s best to start in Q1 and develop your strategy with an influencer for your brand. Social media influencers, such as Pinterest influencers, Instagram influencers, and YouTube influencers, often have luxurious, coveted lifestyles that others aspire to, so consider how you can leverage influencer marketing to promote your seasonal products, increase sales, and reach a new audience.