Are You Tracking Your Social Media Advertising Statistics?

Nov 15
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Rockin’ Your Social Media Stats

New-ish to the social media marketing industry?  To be fair, some have been in the game a decade, but time is irrelevant to an extent, since social media today is a whole different ballgame than it was 10 years ago.  Brand shiny, spankin’ new or in the game for a lifetime, by taking a beginner’s mindset

Jul 3

Socialnomics – A Valuable Puzzle

Twitter purchased Niche and launched Periscope; Facebook and YouTube are poised for a major war; Meerkat is taking on Shark Week; and social media users are passionate about the platforms they trust. Socialnomics is my new favorite word as I continue to measure the value of the influencer market and its billions of users.  Socialnomics