Social Media for Small Businesses: Benefits

Nov 15

Nov 6
The Benefits of Social Media For Businesses

The Benefits of Social Media For Businesses

Businesses are more likely to adopt a social media strategy today than ever before, but there is still the lingering question in the minds of many business owners as to whether social media can truly benefit their business in a meaningful way. Furthermore, business owners may question whether or not the labor costs of maintaining

Nov 2

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Embrace Influencer Marketing

Connecting with influencers allows even the smallest of businesses the opportunity to increase their trust level with consumers, build buzz within their target audience, and gain an overall larger reach. With the right influencer marketing strategy, businesses big or small can enjoy a high level of success. There are many reasons you should be using

Jul 3

Socialnomics – A Valuable Puzzle

Twitter purchased Niche and launched Periscope; Facebook and YouTube are poised for a major war; Meerkat is taking on Shark Week; and social media users are passionate about the platforms they trust. Socialnomics is my new favorite word as I continue to measure the value of the influencer market and its billions of users.  Socialnomics