We all follow people on social media, each one of them for particular reasons.  I follow Kino MacGregor for her impressive combination of unbelievably impossible and edgy yoga pics with inspirational content, Grumpy Cat for a daily dose of furry sarcasm, and Jordy Smith for jaw-dropping surfing images.  Every individual on social media has a story to tell through the content of one kind or another, and once they have gained our loyalty, they often have it for life.

Influencers share all sorts of content including images, memes, gifs, blog articles, Tweets, Vines, Snaps, videos, live streams, and the iconic quote (sometimes shared in the form of a picture quote).  Quotes can inspire or annoy, but when a trusted influencer shares a quote, you better believe followers listen.  I do.  What about you?

Good News For Brands

The great news in this story is that brands can take advantage of the loyal relationship influencers can cultivate with their followers.  When an influencer (someone on social media who has the power to sway buying decisions of their audience) shares social media posts, his or her followers listen.  They have already subscribed to the content and have bought into the voice and mission of that influencer.  This audience is open-minded to the influencer’s opinions.

A brand can hire such influencers to represent their products or services in sponsored posts.  Although the posts are marked as #ad or #sponsored, a loyal, dedicated audience cares little, because of the trust factor.

Media Influence Quotes That Will Change Your Life 

As I mentioned above, sometimes influencers share content in the form of quotes, and sometimes these quotes have the power to affect transformation in the lives of others.  Maybe they will do the same for you.


1. Think Grow Prosper




2. Fierce Social


3. Kino MacGregor


Recognize the limits of the individual will and understand that the desires of the ego will lead to suffering. But the desires of spirit set you free.

Do not push anything. That which is meant to be will simply be. If you find yourself forcing and fighting, take a step back and breathe. Let it go, surrender. Recognize the limits of the individual will and understand that the desires of the ego will lead to suffering. But the desires of spirit set you free. Step onto the wings of grace with faith. Then sit back, relax and watch as the magic unfolds around you. ???? . This week’s #YogiAssignment is Surrender. I had to surrender to being sick for the last two days, full on flu, sleeping all day when I had intended to film a big project for three days. ???? Not fun to cancel, but necessary. And you know what, it was all ok. The plan changed for the better, I’ll still make it to one day of filming and we got even more clear on the bigger picture vision along the way. So…. What are you forcing that you can let go of? It might be a pose that you’re fighting with every day. Ask yourself how you can practice that pose without forcing your body. It might be a life situation where you’re not getting what you want. Ask yourself what you can accept or whether you need to walk away. Surrender isn’t about giving up, it’s about following the path of least resistance. Surrender is about humility, forgiveness and faith. There is a divine plan unfolding in your favor. Do you trust it? You can’t always see the big picture and sometimes the next step forward is into some murky territory. Surrender means being willing to take a leap of faith into the unseen promise of good things yet to come. You just need to say, I believe. ???? . Share your experience of surrender below in a comment or tell your story a post. Apply this lesson all week. Yoga teachers, share it with your students in class. Let’s see explore what it means to live in surrender, to live in love and to truly love the yogi’s life. ???? . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime ???? . Photo by @ifilmyoga ???? .

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4. Vanessa Hudgens


When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

When you can’t find the sunsine, be the sunshine ???? #mondaymotivation (pc @leahliyah)

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5. Mark Robberds


So the secret is just to say “Yes!!” and jump off from there.






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7. Jay Alvarrez


“Just to feel you once or twice it would be enough for a life time.”


Just to feel you once or twice it would be enough for a life time ????????

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Influencers from all different industries shared these quotes – fitness, inspiration, business, social media, and sports and entertainment, and they apply to all aspects of life.

If your brand is considering hiring an influencer for sponsored content in an influencer marketing campaign, it’s crucial to hone in on people whose personal brands reflect similarly to your own. Take time to research influencers and what they are all about.

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