4 Social Media Trends in 2022 You Can’t Miss

Since its inception, social media has been evolving. What was once used to share movie quotes or simple status updates has grown to become a must for brands to sell products, create awareness, and grow loyal brand communities.

Social media trends and features can feel endless, but they offer tons of opportunity to connect with an engaged audience and gain an edge over competitors.

Here’s what we can look forward to for 2022.

1. Streamlined Social Commerce

Social commerce is a type of commerce that takes place entirely on social media. From initially discovering the product to making a purchase to getting post-purchase support, it all happens on social media.

The rise of social commerce revolutionizes the way we shop. By 2025, social commerce in the US is expected to grow to nearly $80 billion.[1] Around 71% of small businesses are looking to sell on social media, turning it into a “virtual mall” at our fingertips.

Several platforms are facilitating social commerce with features like Instagram Shops, Instagram Checkout, Pinterest Shop tabs, and TikTok Shopping, which follows the app’s partnership with Shopify.

As more brands compete to have social commerce features, it’s likely that social commerce will only grow.

2. Short-Form Vertical Video Is the Standard

Thanks to TikTok, short-form video has become the go-to content type. Video is engaging on its own and has been gaining ground in recent years, especially with influencer marketing, but that’s set to ramp up in 2022.

Even in the past year, brands and content creators have come together to use video to enhance brand connections, highlight products, and reach customers in a more authentic way.

Along with vertically oriented video, it’s likely that content creators will use more features than ever before, including editing transitions, filters, and text overlay or transcripts for accessibility.

3. A Commitment to Mental Health

Social media is fun and exciting, especially for brands, but it can take a toll. According to a report from Vibely, 90% of content creators have experienced burnout, and 71% of them have considered quitting social media.[2]

The pandemic and lockdowns have been taxing on everyone. Content creators spend more time online, and with the increasing competition to create more and more content, they’re experiencing burnout.

2021 brought a shift from a “hustle” culture to an increased focus on mental health and wellness. Content creators spoke more about self-care and setting boundaries – a trend that is likely to continue into 2022 and beyond.

In fact, Instagram jumped on board with the “Take a Break” feature, which is currently in testing. This feature allows users to opt-in to get break reminders in the app as a way to monitor their social media usage and remember to take mindful breaks away from the platform.

4. A Renewed Focus on Diversity

In the midst of the pandemic, racial tensions boiled over with massive protests across the countries and promises from individuals and businesses to learn and do better.

That promise is coming up now as more brands and creators are focusing on diversity and inclusion. While this should never be categorized as a “trend,” we expect more conversations and efforts toward prioritizing diversity and moving toward a brighter future.

Prepare for the Future of Social Media

Social media is always changing and growing. In 2022, the trends favor more brand connections and social commerce, and a renewed emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and mental wellbeing.



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