She’s humble, down-to-earth, and unexpected.  Career influencer was something Tiffany Morgan never set her sights towards, but as her popularity grew she embraced the title and responsibility.  Chatting with her about life, work, and fashion, it’s easy to understand why so many fans adore and follow her.  Somehow she talks about representing high fashion brands while admiring everyday people and you just want to give her a big hug, and then follow her Instagram profile.  Read on for more, and by the end, you just might feel drawn to Tiffany’s chic kindness and click on her social handles.

ZJ: One of the first things I am struck by is your loyal following.  So many people love your posts on Instagram!  What does it feel like to receive that kind of adoration?


TM: It is super flattering.  I think it also makes me feel a little more responsible to let people know that this is one aspect of my life.  Adoration is nice, but I also want people to feel good about their lives, style, or anything else.  I think it is really easy to get swept up in the world of social media and compare yourself to other people, so I guess while it is super flattering I like for people to know I’m just like everyone except with a platform to share my personal tastes.


ZJ: You sound like a very regular, grounded person.  I’m wondering how long after you first launched your blog and Instagram you began to gain a significant amount of followers, and what that was like for you?


TM: I launched about three years ago.  It was definitely an interesting start, and I grew really quickly.  I think because I was very particular about the aesthetic of my photos and I was always nice to people online.  I think sometimes bloggers/Instagrammers get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget to look at other people’s accounts or images.  I created a following from taking a genuine interest in people and forming relationships just as I would in my offline life, but online, keeping my aesthetic in mind constantly.

ZJ: Can you share a few of your favorite fashion trends for Summer and Fall, 2017?

TM: I always love looking at the trends: white sneakers, sundresses, and wedge shoes. Also, beautiful all white outfits for summer — always.

ZJ: Tell us more about “Apparel Junky” – sweets + fashion – where does this originate and what does it mean for your audience or brands who wish to work with you?

TM: Apparel definitely fits my first love of fashion and style.  I was a stylist for a few years.  Junky, I guess, could apply for a lot of things in my life: sweets junky, restaurant junky, travel junky, art junky.  I also, just thought it was a fun name.  I probably would have given it more thought if I knew my Instagram would really take off.  Have to say it was also quite a task to try to find an Instagram account, twitter, facebook, and website that were all available with the same name. That helped the name Apparel Junky win out too.

ZJ: Do you consider yourself an influencer or marketer, and what does that mean in your daily life?

TM: I consider myself an influencer.  Trendy or not because like many people, I want to stay authentic.  You are a greater influence if you stay true to your style.

ZJ: Did you set out to be an influencer from the outset?

TM: I didn’t set out to be an influencer.  It is funny; I don’t exactly know what I set out to do.  I had a conversation with my younger sister about how I was bothered that as a stylist I never got to style models in things that I wanted.  I always had to follow the vision of a photographer or modeling agency.  My sister said I should try fashion blogging because I could do my own thing.

The idea of taking pics of myself was daunting because I didn’t want to be perceived as self-absorbed.  I think the best advice I got was something that my mom and sister said,  “If you solidly know who you are, why should you care how other people view you?”  That was the moment I jumped in.  My goals with social media are always changing, but I’d say I’m more really interested in working with more companies regarding fashion, beauty, travel, and food.

ZJ: What three pieces of advice would you offer anyone who wishes to become an influencer today?

TM: 1.  Have thick skin.

2. Stay persistent

3.  Be you, while also thinking about branding.  In regards to # 3, I met someone who followed me once, and she said, “I never see you in sweats or pj’s.”  Believe me; I wear them, I just didn’t initially [show that side of myself on social] because I was focused on strategic branding.

ZJ: Which brands have been the best to work with, and why?


TM: I feel like that is too tough for me LOL I have loved working with many brands.  It is always so nice to get recognition from larger companies; I guess that means Cosmopolitan Magazine, Coach, Bluemercury, Ulta, Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Deepa Gurnani, Escada.

ZJ: Do you have a daily mantra or practice that keeps you grounded?


TM: PROMISE yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your PEACE of mind.  Look at the sunny side of everything and make your OPTIMISM come true.  THINK only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the BEST.  Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the FUTURE.  Give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.  Live in the FAITH that the whole world is on your side so long as you are TRUE to the best that is in YOU.

ZJ: What is your favorite quote?

TM: “Something good comes from something bad.”

ZJ: Which three people do you admire most in the world?


TM: I usually find myself admiring ordinary, regular citizens that find a way to do something beyond respectable or extraordinary, whether it be on a smaller scale or larger.

1.  Cori Salchert- a woman in Wisconsin who takes in terminally ill babies – respectable/extraordinary citizen

2. My mom for too many reasons to list.

3.  Audrey Hepburn & Jackie Kennedy (classy)

ZJ: Have you impacted anyone’s life for the better due to your social influence, Instagram, or blog, and if so, what was the story?

TM: I have worked as a consultant to help people grow their social media accounts.  I really enjoy helping people with branding, imaging, and strategizing.

ZJ: Do you have any upcoming announcements you would like to share with us?

TM: I am really excited to show an art piece I purchased from Sarah Raskey Fine Arts.  She is a very talented Chicago artist.  I will also be collaborating with designer Sahar Dada for the 2nd time.  She does custom designs all the time, so it is super nice for her to work with me on designs that we both believe in.

ZJ: Anything else we should know?


TM: I am posting more youtube videos.  Part fashion, beauty, travel, and how to be your own photographer.  Something people don’t know is that I have taken my own pictures for years.

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