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Apr 25

Influencer Spotlight: Kathryn Morgan – Ballet, Beauty, Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder how YouTube stars become famous, or why influencers are loved by their fans?  We click through random images on Instagram that have no relevant meaning to our daily lives and wonder how influencers get their name, let alone get paid. Then you read a story like Kathryn Morgan’s. After reading this month’s

Dec 22

Spotlight Interview: Artist and Influencer Todd Carey

Ending the year on a high note we had the opportunity to sit down with Todd Carey, the up-and-coming musician and artist for our last interview of the year.  You probably recognize his recent throwback hit, Nintendo but if you don’t, you will soon enough.  This rising star’s eclectic reggae, dubstep, and pop music draw the

Nov 16
Software for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Star Spotlight

Each week we will shine the HireInfluence spotlight on one of the bloggers and/or social media rockstars with an activated profile in our database. This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Katherine Bartlett who blogs at Our Whiskey Lullaby. Q: Which social media platform is your favorite? Why? A: I personally like Pinterest

Nov 8
Chloe Kardoggian

Influencer Interview: Chloe Kardoggian, Celebrity Pet Influencer

The Kardashian Family is infamous around the world, and anyone with access to a store selling magazines knows who the Kardashian sisters are.  They replaced the Paris Hilton of early 2000’s, ushering in a posh new generation of non-celebrities reaching mega-celebrity-status.  After all, the Kardashians were unheard of in 2007 until a reality show featuring the

Oct 7

Spotlight Interview: Glutes & Gloss Founder, Christie Cash, Fitness & Beauty Influencer

You may have met a fitness influencer.  You might even know a very popular beauty influencer whom you adore and follow.  But have you met the perfect combination, a woman for all women, who does it all?  Christie Cash of Glutes and Gloss is that gal.  Though her lips may be shiny, she’s devastatingly beautiful

Oct 7
chicago fashion blog

Interview with Top Chicago Fashion Influencer Jena Gambaccini

Influencers come in all shapes and sizes, and verticals – fashion at the top.  Fashion bloggers came on the scene in the early 2000’s, gaining influence to the point that they are now regarded as leaders in the fashion industry.  Similar to many influencers, fashion bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers alike are achieving celebrity status.  Fashion bloggers have become brand ambassadors

Oct 7
goldberg actor

Spotlight Interview: Actor Influencer, Kelsey Goldberg

Kelsey Goldberg, aka Karat Gold in her alter ego rapper character as she is known, is one comedian to watch.  She has her hands in a few pots of gold, from acting to writing to directing, but she still found a few minutes this past week to sit down with me and talk about her awesome

Oct 7
selena favorite food

Spotlight Interview: How About Cookie, Food Artist Guru & Influencer Selena Kohng

Food blogging is one thing, Mommy blogging another.  Selena Kohng and her website, How About Cookie, now that’s a vision unto itself.  Once you get a glance at Selena’s brilliant creations, your heart will melt, your soul will dance, and you will want to be a little more playful in life and with food.  The

Oct 7

Spotlight Interview: Entertainment Influencer Anthony Rodriguez

I have had the fortune of interviewing some really cool influencers, all doing their own thing and making big waves in the world.  My interview this week with Anthony Rodriguez, the entertainer, pianist, salsa musician, marketer, and influencer, is quite special.  During the interview he gets deep about family, real-life fears, humankind, helping others on a