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Nov 16
Consumer Behavior and Social Media

Consumer Behavior and Social Media

Thе rise оf social media has brought with in an entirely new marketing avenue for companies. Thе traditional ‘word-оf-mouth’ publicity has bееn replaced bу ‘word-оf-web. Consumers аrе increasingly heading tо social media sites bеfоrе making а purchase, which greatly influences their buying behavior. The reviews and feedback from existing customers found on these sites hold

Nov 16
Social Media on Smartphone

7 Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Small businesses are faced with a variety of challenges and hurdles to overcome. And if you’re a small business owner, you know that finding the cash to alleviate those challenges, grow your business, and invest in marketing can be trying, if not impossible. One tool that small businesses can use to market themselves, ultimately leading

Nov 16
Social Media Holidays

Social Media & the Holiday Season

Determining an effective social media plan throughout the holidays is a daunting task; but when done well, it can be a huge boost for businesses large and small. To help you make the most of your social efforts, including influencer campaigns, from now through the New Year, check out the 11 Holiday Social Media Tips

Nov 16
Making Brand Ambassadors Your Social Media Ace

Tips to Build Your Social Media Following, Part 1

We’re thrilled to bring you this incredibly smart and useful guest post from one of our Advocates. In fact, this is just Part 1 of Emily’s guest post because she has so much info for us that we had to split it up. Enjoy! If it weren’t for social media, I guarantee that there wouldn’t

Nov 16
Social Media Benefits

Social Media Best Practices for Brands – Part 1

While the average person may think of social media as the best place to share a photo of their dog or post an update about the awesome deal they just got on bananas, to a businessman, social media is a key component of marketing. With the ability to reach hundreds – if not thousands –

Nov 16

The Magic of #Hashtags in Social Media

What was life before the hashtag? Do you even remember? Most of us fondly recognize the hash symbol as the number sign, used on telephones, in IT, and in programming. It was Chris Messina who recommended a new system of microblogging on Twitter utilizing the number sign, and within a couple of years the #hashtagphenomenon

Nov 15
Social Media Influencer

Keeping Social Media Sexy

Social media is necessary for any brand to survive today.  At times it can feel like the bane of their existence and takes up more time than it seems to be worth.  How is it that social media could ever feel like anything but drudgery and work, and bring you an ROI worth writing home about?