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Nov 17
Social Media Advertising

Social Media Etiquette to Gain Followers

When you’re an out-of-the-box thinker, it’s likely you’ve broken a rule or two (or twenty!). Our CEO considers himself not just an out-of-the-box thinker, but someone who’s redesigning the box. So, it’s safe to say that at HireInfluence, we don’t always follow the “rules.” Instead, we’re blazing our own trail and hopefully creating something revolutionary

Nov 16
Watching YouTube Video

Indie Games, Let’s Play and the YouTube Effect: How YouTubers are Changing Entertainment Marketing Forever

When YouTube made its debut in 2001, it was just another small social media startup: an easy way to share home videos as cell phone cameras became more and more ubiquitous. No one could have predicted the social media force of nature it would become, reshaping music and entertainment for good. YouTube has given birth

Nov 16
Consumer Behavior and Social Media

Consumer Behavior and Social Media

Thе rise оf social media has brought with in an entirely new marketing avenue for companies. Thе traditional ‘word-оf-mouth’ publicity has bееn replaced bу ‘word-оf-web. Consumers аrе increasingly heading tо social media sites bеfоrе making а purchase, which greatly influences their buying behavior. The reviews and feedback from existing customers found on these sites hold

Nov 16
Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing Tips To Grow Your Brand and Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, chances are you’re familiar with Pinterest. It’s  huge. Like, аlmоѕt Facebook-huge. And for any business that realizes the value of social media marketing, Pinterest should definitely be at the top of your list of platforms to be active on. After аll, уоur clients, potential

Nov 16
Social Media Behavior

3 Behaviors Brands Should Avoid on Social Media

Building a following and community on social media takes work – often lots and lots of work, patience, creativity, more patience, and more work. It isn’t for the faint of heart and it does not happen over night, regardless of what some of the shadier companies out there might promise. So trust us when we

Nov 16
Facebook Police

Is Your Brand Guilty of These Social Media Mistakes?

Yоu know уоu аrе supposed tо bе оut thеrе on social media, but it’s not always easy to jump right in when so many factors come into play. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and уоur own blogs, аrе all integral tools that уоu need tо leverage to make уоur presence known online. Whаt уоu muѕt understand

Nov 16
Social Media Demographics

Social Media Battle of the Sexes

If your brand’s message is heavily geared toward one sex or the other, it’s important that you know where that group hangs out more on social media so that you can target your efforts appropriately. Check out this awesome infographic from QuickSprout’s Neil Patel that breaks down all of the important stats, including this key

Nov 16
Instagram Influncers and their Success

5 MORE Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

You can find the first 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses here. We shared 5 of our favorite Instagram marketing strategy and tips with you last week. If your business still hasn’t made the plunge and joined this photocentric, insanely popular hub yet, maybe some more tips will help convince you that it’s THE place

Nov 16
Instagram Benefits

5 Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Instagram can be used as a powerful tool for boosting the sales and customer engagement of your business. It provides a gateway which, if Instagram marketing strategy is properly executed, can channel your marketing efforts in the right direction. Instagram helps you to convert your simple photos into highly effective and usable snapshots. A proper

Nov 16
Social Media on Smartphone

7 Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Small businesses are faced with a variety of challenges and hurdles to overcome. And if you’re a small business owner, you know that finding the cash to alleviate those challenges, grow your business, and invest in marketing can be trying, if not impossible. One tool that small businesses can use to market themselves, ultimately leading