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Nov 16
Social Media Demographics

Social Media Battle of the Sexes

If your brand’s message is heavily geared toward one sex or the other, it’s important that you know where that group hangs out more on social media so that you can target your efforts appropriately. Check out this awesome infographic from QuickSprout’s Neil Patel that breaks down all of the important stats, including this key

Nov 16

How to Rock Your Social Media Presence in 2015

Is 2015 the year you (or your brand), rule the social media space? It can be! But, you have to be willing to learn, have patience, and put in all of the effort that goes along with it. This infographic contains some fantastic tips on the Social Media Resolutions you should make, and stick to,

Nov 16
Social Media Marketing ROI

Social Media Marketing ROI

Gauging ROI in social media has been a problem for as long as social media has been used for marketing. But we’re kind of surprised by the stats revealed in this infographic, originally published on AdWeek. Only 37% of marketers say that they are able to measure ROI? That number seems unreasonably high to us, especially

Nov 16
Social Media Holidays

Social Media & the Holiday Season

Determining an effective social media plan throughout the holidays is a daunting task; but when done well, it can be a huge boost for businesses large and small. To help you make the most of your social efforts, including influencer campaigns, from now through the New Year, check out the 11 Holiday Social Media Tips

Nov 16
Social Media Facts

{Infographic} Surprising Social Media Facts

Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you learn about social media, there is always new and useful information still to learn? As we’ve all watched the social media big 4 (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) grow and evolve over the years, we are constantly finding out new information about how people use

Nov 16
Double Pinterest Followers

Double Your Pinterest Followers In 5 Minutes A Day

We’ve expounded on the benefits of Pinterest in the past and it’s quite obvious that this social media darling isn’t going anywhere. And who would want it to? There’s nothing better than losing an evening happily pinning away. For businesses and influencers alike, building a following on Pinterest is a great way to increase your

Nov 16

How Social Media Has Revolutionized Marketing

Nearly every business out there knows the importance of having an active social media presence. But, that doesn’t mean that they all have, or that they are doing it correctly. A lot of the issues brands and companies have with social media is that there’s no clear cut path to determining the ROI of social.

Nov 16
The CMO's Guide to the 2014 Social Landscape

The CMO’s Guide to the 2014 Social Landscape

Could Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn be the only four social platforms that truly matter to marketers? If’s “CMO’s Guide To The Social Landscape“–now in its fifth year–is any indication, the answer is a definite “maybe.” It will be interesting to see how the landscape continues to evolve throughout the year.

Nov 16
social media trends

2014’s Social Media Trends

Media Mosaic recently released an infographic that takes a look at the social media trends that are shaping 2014 for businesses. We think their list of 7 trends has panned out to be a fairly accurate prediction of what’s been happening in the space so far this. Here’s the 7 trends that the infographic focuses

Nov 15
Social Media Cozying in for the Winter

Social Media: Gearing Up for 2016, Cozying in for the Winter

As kids go back to school, summer turns to fall, light sweaters start to replace our carefree skin-baring ways, life and business take a more inwards, serious turn.  Fall and Winter are not only exceptional times to be self-reflective, but perfect times to reflect upon our business over the past year; successes, failures, minor wins,