There was a special spark about Tamara Holder, from the very first time I “met” her during our 2-month-long marketing intensive.  While we still haven’t met in person, she and I cultivated a special friendship around blogging and fashion, and I have watched her brand and her name rise in both worlds over the course of this past year.  Tamara is the founder of Baydian Girl, a phenomenal, up and coming scarf line, taking it to the catwalk and being featured in well known magazines like Harper’s Baazar.  In my estimation, there is nothing this 20-something won’t accomplish, and she does it with heart and her followers in mind.  Oh, did I mention she’s also a fashion blogger with a strong voice?  Tamara took some time with me this week to provide insight into what it’s like to be both a fashion and blogging influencer.  Here’s what she had to say.

Interview with Tamara Holder

ZJ: Tamara, you are an anomaly from what I can tell.  Blogger, fashion designer, influencer by any standard account, your influence has skyrocketed in the past year.  Can you share one thing you do every morning to keep yourself on track?

TH: First, I breathe. I don’t like to jump into my day without taking a minute to acknowledge that I’m blessed to see a new day. That thought keeps me on track.

ZJ: What are three motivating factors in your life and work?

TH: I’m motivated by the following principles:

(a) Purpose – I believe in a calling and in adding value to those I come in contact with. So when it comes to my life and work, I only invest in those types of things. I do what I’ve been called to do and it helps me to focus and stay in my lane.

(b) Courage – On this journey, I’ve been scared, frustrated and disappointed more times than I can count. However, I’ve always moved forward no matter the obstacles I faced. Most people say that’s strength but it’s really courage. And it’s a characteristic of most successful people. It’s overcoming fear not dismissing it. Trust me, doing great things is scary but having the courage to take a leap of faith is worth it.

(c) Authenticity – Simply, I’m a strong believer in being myself. Why? Well when I am me, I inspire someone else to be themselves. To do this involves self-care and embracing one’s flaws. It’s hard to achieve but it’s a necessity to having an impact. No one wants to follow a copy. We are all attracted to the original.

ZJ: Have you always blogged about fashion, or has your writing been inspired by other things in life?

TH: No, my original writing focused on emotions that most people wouldn’t talk about.

ZJ: Rumor has it that Solange Knowles owns your incredible wares. How did this happen?

TH: No one that famous has worn a Baydian item yet. But that’s just a temporary situation. They will be soon.

ZJ: Do you feel you have more influence as a blogger or designer?

TH: I’d say that both have equal influence but impact different groups of people. The beauty of being born is that they support each other. Those who knew me as a designer first discover my personality through my writing and grow to respect me as more than just a fashionista. Those who know me as a blogger first discover my style savvy through my brand and love my eccentric take on fashion.

ZJ: As your notoriety grows do you have ideas about what kinds of influence you would like to have over your fans and followers (and customers)?

TH: I do actually! I call it inspiring a beyond bold and brave approach to life and style. The cool thing is that I don’t want to just tell those who follow me on either capacity what to do, I’d like to inspire them through my story.

ZJ: An article in Harper’s Bazaar, walking the catwalk at Columbus Fashion Week – tell us what is next in line for you and Baydian Girl?

TH: Hmmm, my goal is to solidify the operations of Baydian and bring the product from the website directly to the customer. How that happens, you have to follow Baydian to find out!

Thanks so much, Tamara!  We’re so excited to see what’s next.