It’s time for our May Influencer Spotlight Interview: a monthly series designed to provide our influencer community with valuable insider information about the industry. This month, I chatted with Taylor Love: a wellness enthusiast and influencer based in northern California. Taylor and I first connected through a yoga studio in Nashville a couple years ago and I was instantly impressed by her positive spirit and warm personality. In just a year now, I’ve watched her platform take off and become a wildly popular resource for all things self-love. We sat down to chat about how she got where she is today, so newer influencers- take note!

WH: Tell me a little about how you started your blog and your initial vision for it?

TL: I had wanted to start a blog for the longest time–over 5 years ago! I had just finished school in Nashville and moved back to California and had gone through some very specific health struggles that sparked a passion for wellness. I had seen what it had felt like to not feel well and how self-care drastically changed that.

I also saw a gap in the blogging industry for a really positive space and source of self love. I had the idea to create a platform where I could share wellness information and just making you feel good about yourself because I felt like I had a lot to contribute on the subject. My boyfriends is also a photographer and was always encouraging me to just go for it. One day the title, Love Inside & Out, literally just came to me (my middle name is love and I wanted it to be a platform for self-love, so it made since with the branding and messaging). Once I had that clarity it felt like full speed ahead!


WH: I love that! So how do you sum up your mission statement for your blog?

TL: It’s a wellness, beauty and lifestyle blog created to inspire love from the inside out.

love inside and out taylor love


WH: You’ve only had your blog for 1 year now, yes? What has been one of the most helpful tools for your growth?

TL: For starters, I have always tagged brands in posts that I genuinely love and already use- even if it’s not a partnership. That definitely lead to some re-posting and growth. But in terms of partnerships, I’ve honestly I’ve been really particular. I know some newer bloggers like to say yes to as many opportunities as possible, but I’ve made sure any brand that I work has been really on brand with my overall mission. The most important thing to me is how my readers feel – they’re the ones who care about my content! I would say to be 100% sure that any partnership is totally in line with your goals. Even if it doesn’t grow as quickly as doing every possible collaboration, I believe an audience can sniff out inauthentic behavior.


WH: I love that that approach. What advice would you have for influencers who are just getting started in this very saturated market? How do you stand out among the others?

TL: Well honestly, I don’t know that I think the market is oversaturated! I like to believe there is always space for a new influencer if you have the right mission. I think it’s really getting clear on the point of what you being a blogger is. Yes, there are so many bloggers but there is only one you! I have to constantly ask myself “Am I conveying my messaging and filtering everything through my mission statement?” So I would say to get really clear on your why and then the universe will take care of the rest.


WH: I’m sure that’s super encouraging for many to hear! Can you share a story of how your brand has impacted anyone’s life for the better due to your social influence/ blog, etc?

TL: I have a handful of readers who have been with me from the start and we stay in communication constantly through direct messages (direct messages are super important to me- I always answer them!) Hearing their positive feedback and success stories about they’ve overcome food intolerances or learned to enjoy food in spite of them makes me keep going. Or I’ll I read messages like “I read your post your exercise philosophy and don’t feel pressure to spend hours in the gym anymore, or a product you recommend helped my skin clear up and I have so much more confidence”… those simple little stories mean so much to me and make me feel like I’m making a difference in a positive way.


WH: You totally are! Speaking of which, you just launched a cookbook! Tell us a little about that journey.

TL: I did! It’s a dairy and gluten free grocery list and recipe guide. I was getting lots of questions from readers saying they needed help navigating their gluten or dairy intolerances. I wanted to have an exact grocery list people could print out and bring to the store to make it easy for them. For a while now, I’ve been showing recipes on Instagram that I’ve been making and explaining why I include each ingredients and people were asking lots of questions and seemed very receptive to that so it seemed like a beneficial resource. We decided to make the book and then worked on it for about last 5 months and just launched it a couple weeks ago!

love inside and out blog


WH: That’s so exciting–congratulations! Speaking of exciting news, you recently partnered with Kopari to be a face for their new product line. Tell us a little bit about how you fostered that relationship and how other influencers can strive to build more meaningful partnerships.

TL: They sent me product when I was just getting started to try, and then I was tagging them and they watched me grow a bit, I was always very responsive in emails (another pro tip: wonderful email etiquette goes a long way so always prioritize that!) Overtime we kept finding ways to work together and eventually, they were looking for casting for their upcoming campaigns for deodorant and oil pullers. Since we already had that relationship, they asked me!


WH: Shifting gears a bit: do you have any predictions or observations about where you see influencer marketing heading?

TL: I think Instagram still has a few years (maybe more) because it’s SUCH a powerful platform. But I’m always looking ahead to the next thing (Twitch, Vero, etc.) and ask “Do I need to be on this?” But as far as growth, I think in 5 years there won’t be so much unpaid work as a blogger. I think the industry is going to continue to grow and brands are going to recognize that just because you don’t see a direct conversion, that doesn’t mean your impact isn’t significant. It’s not always trackable, but influence is huge and people are starting to put more of a monetary value on that.


wellness influencer interview
WH: There are so many different areas to focus on as an influencer. How do you prioritize what deserves your attention?

TL: It’s really hard haha. For me, getting into a schedule really helps.I’m a planner by nature when you work outside those normal 9-5 hours and into weekends, it’s best to stick to a routine as best as you can. I post to Instagram at the same time everyday, on the same day each week I edit photos in lightroom, etc. I also am big on outsourcing where you can (can’t be an expert on everything!) For example, I hired a Pinterest specialist to help strategize on that platform, and I’m looking to do the same with SEO.


WH: All great insight. Any final advice you have to share?

TL: I think the most important thing I’ve learned is if you want to do something, there’s no reason you can’t do it. As silly as it may sound, the only difference between someone who wants to do something and someone who is very successful is that the successful person just went for it. If you’re committed, tenacious, curios and passionate, I genuinely believe you can be successful in this industry.


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