Instagram: Increase Your Engagement with These Types of Posts

For Instagram users, the platform offers incredible variety in the type of content you can post to keep it interesting for your audience.

For businesses and social media marketers, this makes content marketing strategy on Instagram challenging. Choosing one post over another is strategic to reach your targeted audience and campaign goals, and some businesses just can’t come up with the business ideas to create a balanced mix of branded content types for followers on Instagram.

Audiences appreciate variety, though. Seeing the same type of content over and over can lose Instagram followers quickly and drop engagement. When that happens, the Instagram followers aren’t looking deeper to see what a business has to offer.

Take a look at the different types of branded content you can share on Instagram to get inspiration for how to market on the platform.


Quotes are popular on Instagram, no matter the audience. Typically, a text overlay with a background, quotes tend to get a lot of attention and engagement, and you can easily incorporate them into your marketing strategy. It also helps to get your post shared, which opens you up to a new audience.

2. Open-Ended Questions

Questions are an excellent way to increase engagement among followers on Instagram. Ask what their pain points are, conduct a poll between two options, or engage with them by sharing a tidbit of your day-to-day operations and ask about theirs. There’s really no limit to how you can engage with a question – in fact, it’s a tactic many Instagram influencers and content creators use to build rapport with their audience for an influencer marketing campaign.

3. Video Content

Instagram is largely visual, so images and video resonate with the Instagram user base and boost social media engagement. Video marketing in general is popular with audiences and caters to our desire for snappy, creative branded content. Your videos don’t need to be Hollywood productions – all you need to do is share something of value. Give them a glimpse into your business with a short video, host an “ask-me-anything” live video, post a product demo, or turn your written content into a video and post on Instagram.

4. Giveaways

Giveaways can improve engagement rates – who doesn’t like free stuff? Just be strategic about what you offer. Host a giveaway with free samples, product demos, exclusive early access, or downloadable content like ebooks, but make sure it fits in with your brand and your products.

5. Feature Posts

Feature posts are content that highlights another account. For example, if you have an art business with courses, highlight a student and show off their work with a post on Instagram, encouraging followers to follow the account. Over time, your audience will look forward to your features and you’ll help another account gain some traction with likes and comments. They may even turn into a brand ambassador!

6. Brand Story

More than ever, people want to connect with a brand that reinforces their ideals and sense of self. Marketing on social media platforms isn’t all about sales and promotions – it’s about showing who you are as a brand and giving people a reason to support you. Share your brand story and let your followers see what makes your brand special to improve engagement rates.

7. Behind-the-Scenes

Transparency is important to modern consumers. A behind-the-scenes post with pictures or a video that shows a “peek behind the curtain” into your operations goes a long way in building trust. Show glimpses of a product in development, highlight the employee of the month, or show your employees having fun at an event, which may get your post shared as well.

8. Lifestyle Posts

As mentioned, the person behind the brand is a big deal to modern consumers. You can show a little of your lifestyle away from the business with posts about your hobbies, your pets, or your past industry experience in a post on Instagram. Then, encourage your audience to share a little about themselves.

9. Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials help followers understand the real-world value of your product or service and fit it into their own lives. With permission, post a review or testimonial from a satisfied customer and ask about their pain points and how the product solved them. Encourage people to ask questions in the comments to gauge customer experience and improve engagement rates.

Testimonials are an excellent branded content option for influencer marketing. You can create a brand partnership for an influencer marketing campaign and offer a product in exchange for a review to reach a new audience with a person they trust. Keep in mind, however, that you must find a relevant influencer for your brand to ensure that sponsored content is reaching the ideal customer.

10. Promotional Posts

Marketing on Instagram isn’t always about promotions, but you should include some direct promotional posts in your marketing campaigns. Your promotional posts shouldn’t be overly salesy, but they can include benefits of your products, announcements of an upcoming sale, time limits for exclusive products, or other promotional tactics.

Build Your Business with Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a powerful tool for social media marketing that offers a range of different types of content to boost your following and brand awareness. Offer variety with your posts and partner with Instagram influencers in your niche on the Instagram influencer market for branded content to leverage all that Instagram has to offer.