What exactly does diversity mean in influencer marketing? Diversity in the influencer world pertains to individuals who reflect the uniqueness and differentiation of human beings from all walks of life. This includes an influencer’s background, ethnicity, skin color, gender, body type, socioeconomic status, physical abilities, religious beliefs, and so on.

When a brand adds diversity into their influencer campaign journey, they reach a broader, more defined audience, cut through all the noise, and create more authenticity and reliability within the campaign. The outcome? More brand awareness, brand loyalty, and, ultimately, a higher conversion rate and ROI. 

Continue reading as we share the top reasons a brand should consider adding more diversity into their influencer campaigns:



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Diversity Means More Relatability:

Influencer marketing works. It works due to the relatability and authenticity of the right fit influencers that can uniquely and creatively relay a brand’s message in a way that resonates with followers. It has proven success rates and is one of the only forms of marketing that can truly help a brand’s message breakthrough to the individual consumer. 

When a brand goes a step further by creating intentionality with diversity in influencer marketing campaigns they not only strengthen the strategy but diversify the message to relate to a larger, more defined audience. A great example of this approach comes from one of our recent campaigns with MTV, who wanted to reach a diverse, Gen Z audience. 

The influencer campaign ended up reaching over 16 million individuals due to the right strategy and partnerships of diverse influencers. This approach wasn’t only incredibly successful but also helped MTV build an even more substantial, loyal following and community of diverse individuals (mainly Gen Z) from all walks of life, which was the main intention from the very start. 



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Reaching A Larger, More Defined Audience:

The idea of adding diversity in influencer campaigns is to ensure a brand taps into every corner of their audience demographic. Without said diversity, a brand will only hit a fraction of its target demographic and lose out on A LOT of business and potentially brand themselves as a brand that exclusively caters to a fraction of its consumers.

When we say a defined audience, we’re referring to identified group segments within an overall target demographic. When these segment groups are finely tuned in, a brand can reach them to create a larger, more defined audience and diversified campaign approach.  

When a brand decides to partner with influencers who identify with these segment groups, they create a brand message that translates to all aspects of their target demographic setting a brand up for global or even national campaign success depending on how far they want their reach to extend! 



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Standing Out From All The Noise:

There is a mainstream ‘factor’ in influencer marketing that we are all aware of. When a brand chooses to breakaway to add diversity in their influencer campaigns along with a fail-proof strategy, they cut through the noise of all that is mainstream. This authentic, non-traditional way of approaching influencer marketing is the key to truly making a mark and cutting through, especially if a brand is seeking to reach gen z or millennials! 

As we all know, Millennials and Gen Z’s respond the most to campaigns that portray authenticity at its core. They are no longer seeking the norm in marketing but want real, authentic human messages they can relate to. They more than not always follow and advocate for brands that portray all the unique differences that makeup and advocate for the individual.

Being a brand in this day in age is based on more than its own inward identity but the identity of all individuals they seek to reach. Diversity is the new way of reaching and standing out from the mainstream noise. It is the blue ocean of influencer marketing. 

Final Thoughts

When approaching your next influencer marketing campaign, do so with the mindset and intent of diversity. Ask yourself what that means for your brand and find the segment groups within your target demographic. By doing this, you can start curating a campaign that can tap into each segment group of your target demographic to cut through the noise and diversify your brand’s message to have a much larger reach and positive campaign outcome. 

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