Being in unprecedented times, marketers and brands alike are asking the same question: How do we reach consumers and what do they want to see from us? This time, like no other, is a time for brands to stand up for their consumers in a way that meets their needs.  

Brand + Marketers are in a unique position to truly make a difference through the narrative of their message to not only create the normalcy the consumer craves but to be a source of support, inspiration, and encouragement. So, with this, what exactly are consumers truly seeking? 

Twitter recently released data covering this topic and we decided to break it down into the Top 3 things consumers are wanting to see from brands the most: 


Brands Advertising Products As Normal:

The twitter study found that 64% of consumers want brands to continue advertising products as normal. And among consumers, 56% agreed that seeing advertisements from brands as they normally would give them a sense of comfort they are craving right now. 

Being that we are in unprecedented times, consumers are finding comfort in the normalcy of brands that are advertising as norming, being that they change their narrative to match this time. This helps consumers find a sense of comfort they can cling to as their world, and ours has been turned upside down. 

This isn’t the time for brands to halt advertising efforts, but to push out more content that will help better the consumer’s life and bring them a sense of happiness. E-commerce brands are doing this well, especially those in the beauty and fashion industry.

While their ads may not be the same as they were pre-covid, they are meeting their consumers’ needs at this time without the constant reminder of what is happening in our world. A great example of this is fashion and style brands that no longer advertise their ‘normal’ attire but more so focus on fashionable styles that bring comfort during the ‘stay at home’ protocols. 

This is the perfect way for a brand to meet its consumer’s needs by advertising as normal but changing the narrative to match the environment. 

The clothing brand, Pac Sun, is a great example of this type of advertising. As you can see below, they are advertising as they normally would but have changed the narrative. Instead of pushing their normal clothing line – they are focusing on the needs of their consumer’s NOW, comfort +  ease of wear. They nailed it in my opinion and have seen only positive outcomes from surfing the wave that is now and providing the consumers with a sense of normalcy tied with the comfort we are all longing for at this moment.


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they’re your favorite for a reason: new sweats for any occasion are online now—link in bio to shop. #pacsunmens

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Brands Making An Effort To Support Society:

Brands who are focused on cause marketing during this time are seeming to have the greatest impact on consumers who are passionate about supporting and providing for the community. The data shows that 77% of consumers agreed they feel more positively about brands making an effort to support society at the moment.

Right now, more than ever before, social and environmental responsibility is key for consumers, with 87% of customers ready to switch from one brand to another based on their efforts through cause marketing.

Data shows that marketing and advertising efforts are more effective when brands partner with causes — 95% of respondents in a survey of college students stated that they were less likely to scroll over a brand’s ad if it was promoting partnership with a cause.

As you can see below, Fresh Direct partakes in cause marketing in such a great way, by partnering with NY Common Pantry to provide over 10,000 meals a week in the NYC area to families that need it most. They encourage their followers and subscribers to get involved in this donation-based effort to help those in need.


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Brands Being A Source Of Inspiration And Encouragement:

Being a source of inspiration and encouragement is definitely up there with 70% of respondents stating they think brands should boost positivity and share positive stories during this time. 

With that in mind, several brands have stepped up to the plate to show just that! For instance, Truth Initiative partnered with Gen Z tik tok influencers in the #WerkItFromHome Tik Tok challenge to show that plenty of good times can still be had, even if at home. The challenge was created to inspire users to shift perspective and encourage play from home. 

Nike is another great example of being encouraging during this time with its latest campaign, #playinside + #playathome, encouraging followers to unite, stating that ‘we are on one team’, in hopes to encourage their followers to even more so be a part of a bigger, global community. 

These brands and brands alike are using their following to inspire and encourage, which is having a huge impact in a positive way, making their influence one of leadership and one to follow. 


Final Thoughts

Being a Brand in this time comes with the responsibility to step up and be there for your consumers in a way you weren’t pre-covid. The needs have changed, so has the narrative. 

By using the above top ways to reach consumers in your content strategy, you can be sure to see the results you are seeking through engagement, reach, and overall brand loyalty. 

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Until next time.