Here’s part 2 in Emily’s fantastic series on building your social community. You can find part 1 here. Enjoy!

4. Use proper grammar and punctuation.

Improper grammar and punctuation screams unprofessionalism. No matter what point you’re trying to get across, it’s not valid if it looks like your first grader wrote it. Also, nobody is going to share anything that would make them look stupid.

You can even lose followers if you repeatedly make grammar mistakes. In case you haven’t realized, a lot of people have serious issues with misusing the English language.

5. Follow.

Follow companies, bloggers, and anyone else that pertains to your niche. To put it simply: following others can help people find you. If someone clicks to view who is following someone, and you are on the list, then you may get a new follower. People browse for new accounts to follow, and this is just another easy way to put yourself out there.

You can also be inspired by people that you follow. I see a lot of posts on social media that spark an idea, which can especially help if you are having writer’s block.

You may have already come across people on social media with tons of followers, yet aren’t following nearly anyone. Are these people really that awesome or are we missing something? A lot of times they attain followers in a shady way. Which brings me to…

6. JustUnfollow

Contrary to what you may believe, JustUnfollow is not just about unfollowing followers who followed then unfollowed you. Got that? 😉

You can gain a lot of new followers via JustUnfollow as well. It costs money, of course, but it’s another idea of gaining some new followers. You pay the money, you get promoted by JustUnfollow.

JustUnfollow is also great for when someone follows your account on Twitter or Instagram. Usually, you can pick these people out as soon as they follow you. Their follower count will be huge in comparison to how many they are actually following. These are usually your “all about numbers” folks. Once you sign up for a free account with JustUnfollow, you login and see exactly who unfollowed you, which gives you the option to unfollow them.

6. Host a giveaway.

People love free stuff. There are a lot of opportunities for bloggers (aka “blogger opps”) to sign up and help host a giveaway. Some are free to sign up for and some have paid options. So…. How does this gain followers?

Once you are a part of the giveaway, people can gain extra entries for the prize by following a list of bloggers via social media. For example:

“Like” The Unextreme on Facebook for 1 additional entry.

I sign up for a lot of giveaway events. Giveaways are something that I have always loved and are actually a huge reason as to why I have a blog. You can find blog giveaways and sweepstakes on my blog at all times.

7. Add a widget on your blog.

If someone comes across something on your page that they’d like to share, they’re going to be looking for a little icon that will share it immediately. If there are no icons, the chances of them copying your link, going to their social media site, and pasting it are slim to none. Make sure you have a social media widget on your blog! I use Simple Social Icons for WordPress, which is free!

8. Use hashtags.

When I think of hashtags, I think of Twitter. However, did you know that hashtags also work on almost every other social media sites? Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest?

A quick tip for using hashtags: don’t overdo it. Too many hashtags can make your post look extremely unappealing and somewhat spammy. Sometimes it even looks desperate and may as well read,

“#findme #find #me #followme #please #imdesperate”.

Emily is a money-saving/money-making blogger at The Unextreme.

She is a nurse turned work at home mom that enjoys winning giveaways and bragging about it.