We have tons of influencers with different niches, yes. But have you ever heard of pet influencers? No, these aren’t your usual humans posting about their pets and talking about their love for the furry friends. They are actual animals who have their owners as social media managers, posting for them and even making money per post for whatever they sponsor or advertise. Contact our Influencer Marketing Agency if you’re looking to expose your brand.

As hilarious as it sounds, it’s an adorable idea and you can find a ton of cute pet influencers for your needed entertainment (and pet advice!). Wondering where to start? Read on as I show you the top 30 pet influencers you can find today! (Read also: What is an influencer?)

Top 30 Pet Influencers

Top 30 Pet Influencers

Are you wondering who the best and top pet influencers are out there? From the most popular to the most adorable, here are the top 30 to follow today:

  1. Grumpy Cat

    I’m pretty sure you already know Grump Cat by now. If the entire Internet (or at least Instagram) belonged to cats, then this unique and hilarious cat will be deemed the leader of them all! She’s one of the most interesting felines you can find online, looking like a real grumpy cat because of her underbite and small frame. But unlike seeing grumpy humans, seeing the Grumpy Cat online actually makes people laugh and love her! With over two million followers, her own hashtag, and even merchandise made to her name, the Grumpy Cat is definitely living the life as she explores the world with that unique, adorable face of hers.

  2. Loki the Wolfdog

    What makes Loki the Wolfdog so popular is because of his love for adventure and travels! He’s an arctic wolf and husky mix, who’s always out and about with his dad, Kelly. He has such inspiring posts and amazing photos with beautiful sceneries, making him one of the most loved and popular dogs all around. And the amazing part is that he’s gotten sponsors from big-time companies, like REI and Mercedes-Benz! That’s a huge feat for such a simple and lovable dog. You can catch him and his travels until now.

  3. Nala the Cat

    Nala Cat never has the goal to reach fame, but it found her and she sure is enjoying it all! Nala actually started out in Instagram back in 2012, when she was still a wee kitten. Fast forward to today, she’s almost eight years old and with almost four million followers loving her adorable face and fellow cat friends! She’s the top cat influencer with a ton of sponsored posts, as well as adorable posts that show her craziness. You can find her in cat festivals, where she usually makes appearances like a celebrity.

  4. Boo

    Boo is just the most adorable dog ever, one of the top dog influencers but coming at such a small size! You’ll be surprised that even if he’s smaller than most dogs, he has over 16 million fans on Facebook and reaching a million followers on Instagram. You will get to see a ton of posts not only go Boo but his equally adorable siblings as well. He’s even gotten to meet a lot of celebrities like Anderson Cooper and Seth Rogen because of his fame and popularity!

  5. Doug the Pug

    Doug the Pug was actually an overnight success, starting off with just a few family and friends as his followers! But one cute video of him on Instagram, and the net thing you know he’s had millions of views the next day! Because of his cute face and bubbly personality, Doug the Pug now has over three million followers on Twitter. Everyone loves him because of his pop-culture photos and hilarious videos of him being… well, himself! He even has his own merch of dog plushies, showing just how famous he is!

  6. Marnie the Dog

    What people admire about Marnie the Dog is how she started out. She has the heartwarming story with humble beginnings, being adopted from a shelter when she was 11 years old. Marne also has a vestibule disease, which has her head tilt a bit to one side (it’s like vertigo). Now, she’s 17 years old and still one of the top pet influencers, having more than two million followers. Marnie even works with other companies like Netflix and Airbnb! It’s inspiring how she’s now a huge success after her struggles.

  7. Maru the Shiba

    Maru the Shiba is also known as Marutatro, a Shiba Inu living in Japan. And if you’ve already been following Marutaro for quite some time, you already know how adorably happy he is. He’s actually known to be the happiest dog in the whole of Japan! His photos are filled with his hilarious antics or smiling, bubbly face. But he isn’t just a top influencer on Instagram with three million followers! When Maru the Shiba isn’t posting, he’s manning a department store and selling items with that huge smile of his.

  8. Chloe the Mini Frenchie

    French bulldogs don’t get enough credit for being so adorable! One of the most adorable ones is Chloe the Mini Frenchie. She’s the first-ever pet influencers whose focus is on fashion. When you see her posts, it’s filled with amazing and fresh looks. Chloe has worked with a lot of huge clothing brands like Vogue and Barney’s New York. Unfortunately, she passed away from an error made from the veterinarian, and her owner is currently still using Chloe’s Instagram to spread awareness on defending pets and animals.

  9. Pumpkin the Raccoon

    Who says that pet influencers only have to be cats and dogs? Pumpkin the Raccoon breaks that boundary and shows to the world how kind and adorable raccoons can be! What people love most about Pumpkin is that she looks to be living the life that we all dream of. Always in luxury, filled with love, and chilling by the poolside when she wants to (she lives in the Bahamas with her owners and dog siblings!). Pumpkin now has over one million followers on Instagram, so keep watching out for her luxury posts.

  10. Jiff Pom

    Another adorable pomeranian on the list! Jiff Pom is one of the top pet influencers with one of the biggest followings for a dog. She has almost eight million followers on Instagram and also set the record for the most followings, a part of the Guinness Book of World Records because of it. When you see his Instagram, you’ll see a ton of photos of him in cool costumes, even posting with many popular influencers (pet and human!). He even has a website for all his merch!

  11. Boris the Chameleon

    Another very unique pet influencer is Boris the Chameleon, a funny pet who has over 60,000 followers on Instagram. You can see him in mini-adventures with his owner, may it be in the gym, the vet, or just him roaming around the house. His owner is a veterinary technician who wants to make known how all animals are beautiful and kind, just like Boris! You can even purchase his own merch from their official website, with a ton of cool products ranging from shirts to fish products.

  12. Manny the Frenchie

    Manny is a French Bulldog who has earned the status as the most followed bulldog across all social media channels. She has over one million followers and his owners describe Manny as a philanthro-PUP! You’ll be surprised and amused to know that he’s got his own book (thanks to his owner for co-writing), as well as his own merch with a ton of cool products! Watch out for his cute and funny antics online, as his owners always post daily stories and posts of him, wherever they go.

  13. Menswear Dog

    Have you ever dressed your pet up in formal wear and other human outfits? It’s a hilarious form of entertainment and you can’t just help but coo in cuteness over your pets wearing your clothes! If you want to get a daily dose of pet fashion, then you’re going to love Bodhi. Chloe may be the most fashionable, but Bodhi is the most stylish and sleek, wearing men’s clothes and acting all professional in all his shoots! You’ll love his debonair looks and cool facial expressions, which is what has him with thousands of followers online!

  14. Toast, Muppets, Cheese, and Pants

    Toast, Muppets, Cheese, and Pants are a group of dogs who love life! The account began with Toast, who was the world’s first dog supermodel and an advocate of anti-puppy mills. Unfortunately, Toast passed away but his trio siblings are there to carry on his legacy and advocacy. On their Instagram account, you can find the trio donning their styles and sharing their lifestyle to the world, as well as spreading the anti-puppy mill advocacy. They are the absolute cutest siblings with the closest bonds everyone loves!

  15. Lil Bub

    The first thing you’ll see in Lil Bub is her one of a kind facial expression! Though she’s a small cat, she has such great influence and uses it for good, spreading her advocacy for freedom to animals in shelters and the like. Besides her adorable posts on Instagram, she has her own line of merch online, with the Bub Store being very popular (and currently on the move). With over two million followers, she certainly has made such a huge impact and influence over cats AND humans.

  16. Waffles the Cat

    Do you know Waffles the Cat? He’s now well on his way to becoming one of the best pet influencers out there, already on the Forbes Top 10 Influencers! But you’ll be surprised that he actually has a rough past, as no one wanted him because of his unattractiveness (which is totally NOT true!). The Scottish Fold has then grown up to be a handsome cat, who now has over half a million followers online. Today, he works with top brands like Friskies and Samsung, showing the world just how handsome he is!

  17. Hamlet the Pig

    Another unique pet are pigs, who are just as cute and with as much attitude as cats and dogs! Hamlet the Pig proves how fun it is to have a miniature pig at home (and yes, the pun on his name was intended!). You can catch her adorableness all the way from Tennessee online, where her owners post her wearing wigs, hats, and other cool outfits that make her a delight to see. Besides being a pet influencer, she’s also a therapy pig, helping kids and adults alike.

  18. Lionel the Hog

    Hedgehogs may be filled with spikes, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as soft and lovable as our “normal” pets. Lionel the Hog proves just how adorable hedgehogs can be, with his lovable attitude and a smile that warms hearts. His posts will make you want to hold him up like a furry ball! You can find him traveling to beaches or around his hometown with his mom (they live in Charleston). And just like many pet influencers, he has his own merch where you can buy cool products!

  19. Atticus and Acorn the Hedgehogs

    Another adorable hedgehog is Atticus and Acorn, who are still starting out as pet influencers. These small and young hedgehogs are making a hit online, being Instagram famous and filling timelines with adorable posts. Find Atticus and his sibling goofing around or acting all cute for the ‘gram. Atticus has become so famous that he’s landed partnerships with a ton of brands, included camper and pet cleaning products, as well as Burger King! With over 100,000 followers, you can see he deserves all of the lovely attention.

  20. Juniper Foxx

    Foxes are another awesome set of pets, who are just as lovable as dogs (but quite faster with amazing hunting skills). But have you ever seen one that worked as an influencer? If you haven’t yet, then you’ll love seeing Juniper Foxx! The fact he’s a fox has him stand out from all the pet influencers here. Plus, he even has a book that showcases his life, which is all about him. Find him with his other cute friends and antics up on his website and Instagram!

  21. Louboutina

    If you ever get a chance to meet Louboutina, then you’ll want to give her a huge hug! She’s known as the hugging dog of the world, who loves to spread her love and cuteness all around NYC and the world. She isn’t only photographed by how dad owner, but by other different humans who she hugs. All her posts on Instagram consist of her smiling or hugging someone, as well as photos of her and her little stuffed animal friends at home. With her hugs, there’s no doubt as to why she’s so popular today!

  22. Goldens Glee

    It’s funny how Goldens Glee’s Instagram account started out. The account’s owner didn’t even have any pets upon creating Goldens Glee, using it as a place to share and repost the cutest photos of golden retrievers. However, he did decide to adopt a dog, making her the official face of Goldens Glee filled with smiles and love. Now, Goldens Glee is a part of People magazine’s Most Famous Animals of Instagram, sharing her love and happiness online. After all, there’s no dog happier than a golden retriever!

  23. Teddy the Shetland Pony

    Another one of the most unique pet influencers out there is Teddy, who’s a Shetland Pony with over 100,000 followers on Instagram! This little pony has a ton of hobbies he loves to share to the world, from modeling, swimming, as well as volunteering to be a therapy pony for children and adults. Because of his popularity and love for what he does, he’s landed a ton of sponsorships with companies like Puffin Books and Amazon! Catch him with his adorable zest for life on his Instagram.

  24. Harlow, Sage, Indiana, and Reese

    Here’s another team of four adorable dogs! Though they’re different breeds of big and small sizes, there’s no favoritism or inequality among each other. They all love to snuggle together and hang out without the huge fights at home! Their Instagram feed is all four of them cuddling or getting into weird antics that their parents (and the whole world) laugh about. With almost six million followers, you can see why they’ve become such large pet influencers and partnered with a lot of brands already!

  25. Venus Two-Face Cat

    Venus the two-faced cat is one of the most unique cats out there, and it isn’t just because of her personality. She was born with literally two faces, having half a black-colored face and the other all orange! She even has different eye colors, which is what makes her stand out even more. Her signature feature has made her famous all around the world, especially with her fierce facial expressions in every photo. It’s led her to partnerships with huge brands, and even her own calendar!

  26. Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong the Marmosets

    Monkeys as pets? More like family with Diddy and Yeti Kong! These two are the most famous monkeys all over the world, getting viral from a video that got almost 24 million views. Once their fame grew from there, so did their following on Instagram, which reached one million as of this date. These pair of monkeys are still cute, very playful, and now works with huge businesses like The Klique App and Two Hats Beer Company. They even host weekly giveaways for their followers!

  27. Jill the Squirrel

    Squirrels aren’t just animals you find in your garden, but they can make the most adorable and playful pets at home. Jill the Squirrel is just one of the many well-cared for squirrels out there, but the difference is her massive following of over half a million people! You’ll find that she’s a stylish squirrel, always dressed up or taking long naps in her Instagram posts. With her fame and viral videos, she’s gotten sponsored deals with brands like Tribe Socks, Popyourpup, and Squawk Box!

  28. Tito The Raccoon

    Tito the Raccoon is another awesome rescued raccoon who’s living the life! He has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and has his own YouTube, which has over 70,000 subscribers who love to know more about his life and daily antics. Tito loves to go out on adventures and enjoy hobbies like hiking, swimming, and even painting! As a raccoon, he’s very smart and with the great personality many love. And with his amazing skills and hobbies, he’s has gotten a lot of brand deals.

  29. Jax the Siberian Husky

    Jax is one of the many Siberian Husky pet influencers out there, and it can be quite difficult to stand out because of it. However, Jax can stand on his own and continues to grow in popularity, with almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. He’s best known for his entertaining and fresh content, at the original one who created the “What the Fluff Challenge,” a trend ongoing worldwide. You can see a ton of playfulness and a unique personality in Jax.

  30. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla

    Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla isn’t only famous for his adorable looks. He and his owners also want to make a statement, spreading their advocacy against fur and animal testing. While many people follow him to squeal about how cute and fluffy he is, especially with his miniature furniture, his 107,000 followers also admire him for his advocacy. Mr. Bagel has even partnered with The Body Shop for their campaign, Forever Against Animal Testing. It’s a huge feat for a small chinchilla like him!

Wrapping It Up

With the rise of influencers today, you shouldn’t be shocked to see those adorable furry animals are also part of that group themselves. By just being their adorable selves, they make thousands of dollars per post AND can help many pet owners decide what they need for their own furry friends.

I hope this article on the top 30 pet influencers gave you an idea on who you should follow next! So don’t wait any longer and check out these adorable animals now.

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