Influencer Marketing and Travel

One of the most eye-catching social media influencer industries is travel. Destination bloggers and global adventurers were at a near standstill for new content creation during the recent pandemic. 

Now that the world is settling into the new normal and opening up once again, there are fresh and new trips to plan and sights to see. How can travel brands like yours cash in on this new boom? 

Get More Travel Bookings

Younger and mid-range generations like millennial and GenZ travelers are pioneering a shift into life-enriching travel experiences, rather than spending on mere things. The hospitality industry is stepping up to meet this new kind of demand and getting creative in how they strategize their marketing. 

Studies show that at least ​87% percent of Millennials seek travel inspiration from destination and travel-related posts found on social media.[1] Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest travel influencers have transformed their creative and photojournalistic documentation into a money-making business. 

They have gathered communities of various sizes, from micro to mega. By partnering with successful and engaging content creators, you can borrow their influence and leverage it to drive traffic to your booking sites.

Boost Brand Awareness and Credibility

Most travel influencers aren’t at a celebrity level. Many are simply true travel enthusiasts who have gathered a following on social media based on the merit and quality of their beautiful, inspiring content. 

Over time and across the globe, these travel photo bloggers have garnered the trust of their peers and established their place as experts in the travel industry. They’re able to give honest and reliable reviews of destinations and hospitality services and share insightful tips they learned on their journey.

At least 92% of consumers everywhere trust influencers more than they trust celebrity endorsements or company promos.[2] Social media influencers in the travel industry are actively shaping the ideas and decisions of travel planners. 

When you partner with a travel influencer, your brand credibility receives an injection of both trust and interest. Your hospitality offerings are seen in a new light, now endorsed by a relatable, credible source. And when an influencer shows up at your location, you can get to know them and develop a long-term relationship with the possibility of future collaborations. 

Outsource Authentic Content Creation

Social media influencers in the travel space thrive on visually-driven platforms like Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. They are professionals at creating high-quality, highly curated, and compelling content. Instead of having your in-house marketing guru try his best, you can partner with an influencer to do it for you. 

Authentic, engaging content is what social media influences traffic. This is a space they have created for themselves and you can take advantage of these beautifully curated content pieces for your own marketing efforts. 

By working together, you each gain industry credibility and boost brand awareness. But the travel influencer world goes beyond that. It’s about establishing connections. Connections with people, places, and experiences. 

Adventure awaits travel enthusiasts everywhere. 2022 is the year to start leveraging influencer marketing for your travel brand!