Why Travel Brands Benefit from Influencer Marketing

With the rise of influencer marketing, the travel and hospitality industry is experiencing a boom. Travel influencers on social media can significantly increase brand awareness for travel brands and boost bookings, making them an integral part of marketing strategy in the travel industry.

Influencers have a lot of leverage in digital marketing. Consumers trust influencers over other types of marketing efforts, and forming brand partnerships with relevant travel influencers can go a long way in reaching new audiences and improving engagement rates.

But that’s not all. Here are some benefits of influencer marketing campaigns in the travel industry, from reaching new audiences to gaining a long-term brand ambassador.

Building Brand Authenticity

Travel and lifestyle influencers aren’t famous people. They’re simply normal people who enjoy traveling and gained a social media following by sharing their modern adventures. Because of their personality, consistency, and approach, influencers have a lot of trust with their followers and became experts.

Most consumers trust family or friend recommendations, and that hasn’t changed. New family and friend recommendations may come from influencers, however, instead of people consumers know more personally. The influencer has genuine and trustworthy content, which is shifted over to the brand they represent.

An influencer campaign for travel destinations, products, or services can go a long way with the right audience. They’re more likely to trust the brand and consider using its services on their next trip, and the brand gains significant trust and authority when they partner with influencers for sponsored posts.

Driving Revenue

Travel is popular among the younger generations. Most would rather have personalized experiences than purchase products, and the travel industry needs to find new ways to reach these audiences and appeal to what they want in a travel destination.

Travel bloggers can be a huge help in this area. Many millennials and Gen Zers rely on influencers to determine travel destinations and the next travel trend, even more so than tourism websites or family members, and they can get a feel for a destination through an influencer’s content. Partnering with a successful influencer in this space can increase bookings among the target audience.

Creating Organic Content

Influencers are excellent content creators, which is how they got where they are. Successful influencers on Snapchat and Instagram create compelling travel content and know how to position a product or brand for success, and that travel content can be used across other marketing channels.

Partnering with an influencer helps a travel brand boost its content creation and content marketing, and improves the reach and visibility for the influencer. The brand partnership is two-way, and both can benefit from the engagement.

Posting Trusted Reviews

Recommendations and reviews matter to consumers, especially when it comes to aspects of travel like hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants, attractions, and transportation. Influencers can be used to review products and services to help consumers choose the best options. If the experience is good, that consumer may end up as a loyal brand ambassador.

Influencers can also provide feedback for how to improve a product or service to make it more valuable to consumers. With the right influencer, an endorsement can reach a large audience, cultivate brand loyalty, and boost brand authenticity.

Creating Brand Ambassadors

Partnering with a travel and lifestyle influencer is about more than marketing – it can create a loyal brand ambassador and a long-term brand partnership between the brand and the influencer. The content and authority the influencer shares improves brand awareness and customer acquisition, while the partnership with the brand provides revenue, sponsorship, or exclusive perks for the influencer.

If the partnership goes well, an influencer is likely to become a brand ambassador. Think of them like an outsourced marketer and extension of the in-house team to promote and speak for the brand. You have numerous options to bring influencers on board, such as offering complimentary flights, rooms, attraction tickets, or meals in exchange for social content.

Boost Your Brand with Travel Influencers

The new influencer isn’t a celebrity spokesperson – it’s a social media influencer. With so many consumers paying attention to recommendations and content from influencers, it’s a huge opportunity for travel brands to allocate their marketing budget to influencer marketing campaigns and lend authenticity and trust to the brand. Instead of selling to customers, consider an influencer collaboration on social platforms and see how their unique skills can improve your bookings, customer acquisition, and brand awareness.